The Keto way of life has been around for centuries we just did not realize it. We naturally ate this way before the invention of sugar and starchy carbs. There are so many people that say how unhealthy it is, but I believe it is one of the healthiest ways we can live. There is a reason it was originated to treat and cure diseases.


Epilepsy as described in the dictionary is: a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of conscienceness, or convulsions associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

This sounds scary to me and I can’t imagine living with it. In Canada alone 1 in 100 people suffer from epilepsy, that’s a huge ratio of people just in one country. Epilepsy dates back to the 19th and curing-epilepsy20th century when they thought seizures were either diving intervention or possession. I can understand why people as early as the 1920s were trying all sorts of treatments, one of which was a low carb high fat diet. What we know now as the Keto way of living.

Keto and Epilepsy

keto-cure-for-epilepsyKeto has been proven to lessen seizure activity for years now, dating back to the 1920s.  Many treatments were introduced to cure epilepsy, medicinal as well as surgical. William Gordon Lennox, neurologist and epileptologist alongside of Stanley Cobb, neurologist focused on the effect starvation, ketogenic diet and altered cerebral oxygen. Unfortunately they did not have much success in that area and many other procedures and medication were made in attempt to cure this dilemma.

The ketogenic diet was used for the first time to treat epilepsy in 1911 by the French Physicians Guelpa and Marie. This treatment was a success in decrease of seizure in that of 20 children and adults. Dr. John Howland helped fund the first lab created to back this research, it was at the Harriet Lane home for invalid children. In that era regardless of much research the positive effects the Ketogenic diet had on epilepsy couldn’t be explained. This therapy was forgotten for many years until more recently.

More Recently

In 1996 the institute “Charlie” named by a Father whose child had epilepsy and was treated successfully by the Ketogenic diet, explained the benefits of this Keto way of life. This institute organized seminars, training courses and published a book called “The Epilepsy Diet treatment – An introduction to the ketogenic diet.

More recently other books with similar treatments as the ketogenic way of life have emerged such as the modified “Atkins Diet“. This diet has also been deemed successful in the treatment for children and adults with certain types of epilepsy.

This day and age

Today Doctors recommend the Ketogenic diet for children with focal seizures or seizures that have not responded to other seizure medication. The Ketogenic diet has been proven effective for some epilepsy conditions such as:

  • infantile spasmsnew-study-of-keto
  • rett syndrome
  • tuberous sclerosis complex
  • dravet syndrome
  • doose syndrome
  • glut – 1 deficiency

With all the research on this way of life I personally can’t dismiss this as just another “diet fad”. To me it is a healthy lifestyle and can be used for preventative treatment against many diseases as well as present treatment for a good deal of health issues.

The end result

I am far from a scientist or a doctor but in doing the research and experiencing what the ketogenic way of life has done for me, the benefits far exceed any risks. I do not believe this is just another fad diet that will expire like most. I believe this should be viewed as a way of life that can be enjoyed on so many levels. When I think of a diet I think of a calorie restricted unsatisfying roller coaster. For me I don’t feel restricted, yes the first two weeks are a bit challenging but after that it is really a great way to live.


There are many products out there that can curb a sugar craving without actually eating sugar. Also, many ways to prepare food, to curb any salty treat cravings. I personally don’t feel like I’m losing out on anything, many fast food restaurants offer keto friendly meals. It is not a thing of the past anymore, it is an up and rising healthy way to live.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please tell me your thoughts on all of this and I will be adding more information on a daily basis.