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It seems like the Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis is all the rage right now and you might want to understand what Ketosis is and how it all works, what are Ketones?    Ketone bodies or “ketones” are basically a reaction from your body, which scientifically are called “metabolic products”.  Ketone bodies are structurally made from three molecules: acetoacetate, acetone & B-hydroxybutyrate, these are created in your liver from fatty acids.  Our bodies make these naturally when we take carbohydrates and sugars out of the equation, that is when all the magic happens.


Why your body produces ketone bodies/ketones

Your body reacts and creates ketones to send a message.  It sends the same message for many reasons:



low food intake

carbohydrate & sugar restrictive diets


long periods of extreme exercise


untreated type 1 diabetes



Understanding Ketosis – Ketogenesis

This is when your body reacts and produces ketone bodies.  Ketone bodies create energy from fat we eat instead of from glucose/sugar.  I like to call these little guys “soldiers” because they do all the work for you.  As they enter your blood stream they act as fuel for our bodies.

Once our bodies realize the glucose or sugar is not plentiful it will start to run on fat instead, which is why weight loss occurs.  This phase is popularly known as “ketosis”.  Ketosis helps us regulate our weight, controls our blood sugar,  potentially can reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes and so much more.  The new research coming in from recent studies has shown to be very beneficial in many areas, much more than initially realized.  In fact I have written an article on the benefits of the Keto lifestyle you might find interesting.

Many studies show Ketosis improves heart disease, inflammation and even blood pressure.  In other studies there have been significant improvement of mental clarity, depression, sleeping problems, brain fog and so much more.  This is because the brain uses our little soldiers for fuel now, and can make things like “brain fog” and concentration problems a thing of the past.


I myself have improved my blood pressure readings and don’t have to take medication anymore.

Ketones can be measured in three different ways:  by our urine, by our breath and by our blood.  There are many products out there to help you with this process, such as the Keto Mojo.  I have this product and I love the accuracy it provides you with.  The company that produced the Keto Mojo has many specials and it has a life time warranty, they go above and beyond accommodating you.

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One reason you should test the levels of ketones in your body, is to confirm that you are in ketosis or fat burning mode.  Another reason is to ensure your not making too many, as this can be potentially hazardous.  If this happens it is most likely due to an underlying health problem such as type 1 diabetes.   In which you can still live a ketogenic life style,  You just need to adjust your carb intake and consult your physician before any new diet or life style change.


Urine Testing

Testing levels of ketones with your urine is as easy as purchasing the ketone urine testing strips and finding some privacy.   There are many brands to choose from, like the one from Perfect Keto.  The best time of the day to test is either early morning or after dinner.  You can either urinate directly on these strips or collect your urine in a container and dip them in.  Once you have done this you just wait the allotted time on the instructions and compare your strip color to the colors on the side of the urine tester box or container.

Something to consider if you choose to go with urine testing.  If you are dehydrated, the concentration of your urine will be stronger and could result in a false positive.  Also if your drinking a lot of water it could dilute your urine and you could get a false negative.

Breath Testing

You might prefer a breath meter such as Ketonix, because it is less invasive and you can test anywhere conveniently.  One thing to keep in mind when using a breath meter is that alcohol and water intake can affect the reading you will get.  Breath meters are reusable where as urine strips are disposable.  They are easy to use and most are smart device ready.  The device is also color reflective like the urine testing, minus the need for privacy.

This meter, measures the amount of acetone in your breath.  That is why some people explain a different taste in their mouths when they’ve entered Ketosis, it gives off a fruity scent.   Studies have shown that acetone in your breath is a good indicator that you are in ketosis and your converting fat into energy.


Blood Testing


Testing this way is the most accurate reading you will get for ketones.  This device will give you a number rather than a coordinating color and most can test for glucose levels as well. The ketone meter is much like a glucose tester in that it takes strips and tests a drop of your blood.  Yes that means you need to prick your finger with a needle.  So for those of you who are scared of needles or the site of blood, you might want to choose either the breath meter or the urine strips.  There are also many brands of ketone testers such as the keto mojo which is the one I have and I love.  The small prick to the finger is nothing compared to having the accuracy I desire.

Your Method

Regardless of which method you choose, you do find out if your in a ketogenic or fat burning mode.  Ketones are you friend in moderation like most everything else.  Again I would always advise speaking with your Doctor before embarking on this grand adventure.  I myself have been following this way of life and it personally suits me fine.  My blood pressure levels have come down so I don’t have to take medication for it anymore.  My energy levels are up, I don’t feel bloated anymore and my concentration levels are better than ever.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you luck in any direction you take.


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  1. This is such a useful article about keto diet. I learned a lot from this amazing read. I have some friends and my own sister who want to go for keto diet, I will forwards this article to them, I am sure they will benefit from it as you have explained so many useful information about it. Thank you for this amazing share.

  2. I didn’t know that we can buy and administer our own keto tests. That’s great! I quit eating sugar and cut way down on carbs in order to cure brain fog. It worked! Amazing! I have also lost weight, which is cool. I have been concerned, though, wondering if I’m harming my body in other ways. Thanks for the tip! I will look into this.

    1. Thank you Theresa, congratulations on your great health decision. Anytime your worried about harming your body it is best to consult your Doctor. I love my keto mojo and love that I can test for both ketone levels and glucose levels.

  3. Keto really is all the rage at the moment, but I must say that, for all the research and reading I have done about keto in the last few days, trying to decide if it is right for me, I have not read an article that showed as much as this article did. I particularly loved reading about the “messages” being the same for many things. That actually blew my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an interesting article on Ketones and how they work within our bodies. I had no idea these even existed, and you make it sound so easy to lose weight. Simply cut the carbs and the sugar and your body will use your fat to make energy.

    I wish it was that simple, and for most people, it is a struggle to give up these two things.

    I simply love the fact that you can check on how many ketones you have at any given moment using a breath meter. No more pricking fingers necessary, and what a great way to keep a check on how your body is working for you.

    1. Surprisingly it is that easy and after the initial cravings go away you don’t really miss the sugars and carbs.  If you are having a hard time going without there are many keto friendly bread recipes as well as keto friendly desserts.

  5. Hi Amanda, what a very interesting article on ketones, I didn’t know that they were responsible for producing energy, I actually thought that Coenzyme q10 did all of that, I have learned something new today, thank you. It’s good that there are a number of ways to test for ketones, urine breath and blood, personally the urine one seems easiest. Something else I learned ketones are helpful for inflammation, I,m totally in favour of a ketone diet for things like heart disease, cholesterol, arthritis and any other autoimmune disease. Did you get your blood pressure down using a ketone diet, how did you do it?

    All the best,


    1. Ketones give you energy once you start producing them, if there is glucose in your system your body will automatically try and use that for fuel, or an overload of carbs which can be turned into glucose and used.  Yes my blood pressure went down after eating a Keto way of life, there is an article for beginners if you would like to learn how to start.  

  6. Thank you for explaining this so well. I have heard of Keto diet for quite a while now but never truly understood what it was.  I didn’t know you could actually measure your keto levels that is really interesting. I am always up for losing some weight but I would like to ask you a question. being a Vegan, can keto diet and vegan go together or one is impossible if the other is present?

    1. You can certainly be a vegan and achieve Ketosis, you just might have to look into some supplements.  Unless  you can get the protein from some keto friendly foods and yes that is possible.

  7. Awesome, Amanda! My fiancee used keto after trying various extremist diets such as veganism, (after a year and a half she ended up GAINING more weight from all the carbs she was supplementing with), and she started seeing immediate results from cutting out the carbs and sugars. I actually didn’t realize they had tester kits for measuring ketone levels until reading this article, that’s a helpful tool in my toolbox. 

    I noticed there was no mention of the extremely widespread issue of PCOS in women, (Emily discovered she has it after a long period of wondering why she was always in pain after eating), and I’m here to tell you, keto is the answer to reversing the effects of this particular issue. Polycystic ovarian syndrome causes a lot of heavy inflammation in the entire body, directly related to intake of inflammatory carbohydrates, and a lot of the women who suffer from it don’t actually realize that part. When Emily went keto, her gastrointestinal issues stopped COMPLETELY. It was a miracle to see, I’m a huge advocate for people to use this body hack to clear up weight issues, as well as all the other issues caused by eating grains and sugars. 

    After losing the weight and resetting her body, we switched to eating the Paleolithic diet, and have had nothing but good health ever since. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into educating people about a dietary change that can help millions of inadvertently overweight and suffering people to get back on the track of being healthy humans. Kudos to you, keep up the good work! 👍

    1. So happy to hear your Fiance’ has showed beneficial results from a Keto lifestyle, I did do an article on hormones as well and the many benefits besides just weight loss a keto lifestyle provides.  Inflammation causes so much havoc in our bodies, I had to also address this in one of my article about easing pain.

  8. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to put together this guide about testing your body for ketones. It has really helped me understand how the ketogenic diet works and how easy it is to tell if your body is in the right place. I have heard a lot of good things about this diet and have heard that it helps a lot of health conditions. I was recommending it to my father-in-law because his doctor is trying to find a good diet that won’t affect his gout and other health problems. Do you know if this would help with gout?

    1. Well Marlinda,

      I have had gout a couple times prior to Keto and it is an awful thing to go through so I do sympathize with your Father-In-Law but since being on Keto for two years I have not had anymore run ins with this problem.  Since Keto helps withpain and inflammationI do think he would benefit from it.

  9. I had heard the term keto diet before but never knew anything about it really. However, after having come across your article today now I know the importance of a keto diet. 

    And now that I know about it I remember some of my friends who would be interested in this and I am going to share this article with them as I am sure it will help them.

  10. Your article was very informative! I have a friend that is currently on the Keto diet and is doing very well on it. It is absolutely
    amazing all of the benefits this diet can have. I am not on the Keto diet, but have cut down on all of my sugar. Overall, I have felt much better and have less cravings. What type of fat do you recommend people eat to remain in Ketosis?  I hope I am understanding this correctly.  🙂

    1. Thank you Misty,

      The keto lifestyle has many benefits, some good fats are avacado, olives and olive oil, salmon, nuts, coconut oil, full fat cheese’s…

  11. My favorite subject! Science!!! This was a really great and clear description of Ketogenesis and what’s happening in the body during a Keto diet. Your article is very well written and easy to read…. And I learned something new! I didn’t know there were tests for learning about your fat burning mode! Wow! Great stuff! 

  12. Hi,

    I found your article so much helpful.I have never learned so many things about keto dieting before reading your article .Your article helped me know much about it .There are so many people in my colony want to go for keto diet.I will share this article with them and i am sure that they will know much about it and will be able to go for keto diet .Because you described about it so smoothly in the article .

    Thank you for sharing such a great article with us .

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