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So many people, mostly because of the food industry is either unhealthy or over weight and yes I am laying some blame on the food industry because of what is in the foods we think are safe to consume today.  On the other hand if you are one of the minority of people who are having a hard time trying to gain weight or maintain your weight, I would like to tell you that you can live a healthy Keto lifestyle and do this.  There’s no reason to compromise your health and well being because your struggling tying to gain weight or maintain your current weight.  Although sugars and unhealthy carbs will do this as well its not the healthy life you deserve.


Weight Maintenance

When I started this website my initial goal was to provide everyone who would like to start a Keto lifestyle with all the information and resources they need to do so all in one place.  I did not foresee this article though and feel as though I may have been a bit shallow not to consider it, I am now writing this article because of my readers who have asked many questions about living a Keto lifestyle and either maintaining their weight or trying to gain weight.

Many people like myself originally thought this way of life was only for those who wanted to lose weight but I have learned that it is so much more than that.  As I have outlined in one of my articles “Benefits of the Keto Diet” you will read just a few of the many health benefits this way of life has to offer.

I know you may be thinking “geez I wish I was one of those people who want to gain weight” but not every story is a happy one.  Just like many of us struggle to keep weight off a lot of us struggle with keeping weight on whether it be from genetics, stress, situational, treatments or even anorexia.  If you think hard I am sure there at least one person you know or know of that has had an unpleasant experience in this area.  If not I am sure  you have either read books or watched a movie on this topic and if you have not I suggest you take the time to think about how it might feel for someone on the other end of the spectrum.



A day in the life of

Before I get right to how you can either maintain your weight on Keto or gain weight and live a healthy Keto lifestyle I want to really paint a picture of just one closely related example of what living your life trying to gain weight might look and feel like.

I’m going to explain two different scenario’s to help you understand what it might be like going through this.

Scenario #1

A young girl coming from a not so well to do household, family always doing their best to provide but not without promise.  This family never went without food and had a happy family life, the young girl I am speaking of was always small and some might call her skinny.  As she got older and went to school kids started making fun of her weight calling her all sorts of nasty names and making light of a problem she didn’t even know she had.  As time went on she tried to gain weight so the bullying would stop, so she might feel accepted and not so much of an outcast.  As hard as she tried and no matter what she ate she couldn’t seem to gain any weight and continued to not only be thin but to have a growth spurt that made her appear even smaller.  She was much taller than her class mates and towered over even the boys in her class, eventually her parents took her to the Doctor, and after many tests and frustration she found out she had not only an over active thyroid condition but a hyper active thyroid what some might know as “graves disease”.

She did get the help she needed but it was not an easy life she had to endure at such a young age, yes kids can be cruel for many reasons and will find something to be cruel about if its not visibly present.  This scenario was not in any way this girls fault although I am sure time and time again she blamed herself as kids will do.

Scenario #2

Again this starts with a young girl and just as easily these scenario’s can influence male or female but in this case she is a girl.  Comes from a very well to do family, supportive in many ways and lots of family around.  This young girl was taught that coming from a small town appearance is everything and even though I am sure this is not what Mom intended to do, what stemmed from something meant for a life lesson was a long and treacherous road ahead.

She not only went above and beyond to be the social butterfly and academically rich girl she was supposed to be but joined all sports in school and also joined a gym to achieve that outward appearance she was taught to.  She wanted to be the epiphany of health and adored by her family and friends, but as most of us know jealousy is an awful weapon.  So instead of getting the friends she so much desired she was being demeaned by her fellow students for being “too perfect”, for having “too much”.  As a result of this her grades started dropping and her parents become irritated because they knew the potential their Daughter had and there was no excuse for this behavior.

From the perspective of an adult this might not seem like much but from behind the scenes of a young girl trying so hard and still feeling like she’s falling behind this can be detrimental.  This girl started not eating as way to appear “prettier” because what she was doing must be wrong and also subconsciously a way to punish herself for not living up to her potential.  This of course snow balled until her parents were forced to accept that their “perfect” Daughter needed help.  They had many many years of rehab’s, counselling and close calls, this story did have a happy ending as the girl was able to overcome this problem but there are many storied that do not.

Now that I have your attention I will discuss how you can live a healthy Keto lifestyle and either gain weight or maintain your weight.




Gaining Healthy Weight

Ok so you want to live the Keto lifestyle because you’ve read the many benefits of this way of life but you’re not trying to lose the weight you actually need to gain a few pounds, well this can be done too.

Instead of following the 20 grams of healthy carbs per day, your goal should be 50 grams of healthy carbs per day or more if needed.  Your healthy fat intake should be a bit higher than the 75-80% allotted for someone trying to lose weight, don’t be scared of the healthy fat because the truth about healthy fats is that its not bad for you.  For someone trying to lose weight living the Keto lifestyle we don’t focus so much on calories but in the case of trying to gain weight you should pay attention that you are taking in more calories than you expending.

Instead of doing a lot of cardio try strength or resistance training, if you have a trainer inform them of your goal.  This should do the trick and if you notice you are still losing weight and you are trying to gain weight take in more healthy carbs and healthy fats.  If you’re trying to build muscle you may even need to up your protein intake, this may take some trial and error but if your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle and I will say as time is proving Keto is a healthier way to live it will be worth it in the end.

To maintain your healthy weight living the Keto lifestyle again this may be a bit of trial and error as well because we are all made differently.  If you get to a weight you are happy with and your not losing or gaining I would suggest staying right where you are with your macros.  Keep eating real healthy whole foods and stay away from processed genetically modified junk.

I always like to try to back up what I am saying to I am going to add in this video by Dr.  Berg:

I hope this article has been helpful and answers your questions or concerns for someone trying to gain weight or even just maintain their wait with the Keto way of life.

As always leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any other questions.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, keep it real and Keto ON!




6 thoughts on “Trying To Gain Weight

  1. Thank you for the article on trying to gain weight. When you hear the word Keto you always think of trying to lose weight. I never knew that you could use it the other way around. A lot of people do also struggle with putting on weight. This is a great post to help anyone with that problem maintain a healthy weight. Thank you keep up the good work. 

  2. I read in one of the authority websites that gaining weight for some on keto diet is a natural long term consequence. The beginning of the keto diet starts with losing the weight though. 

    It does make sense that you can adjust your carbohydrate and proteins to manage the weight and get what you want. 

    I like the fact that there is tremendous peer pressure about how you look compared to something. Sometimes I feel it is unfortunate. Poverty can play a role in your upbringing. It is well described in this blog and it is very true.

    It is a great benefit to keto dieter to adjust the protein/ carbohydrate to handle the weight they want to,

    1. Hey, 

      You will read a lot on the keto diet or way of life like I prefer to call it but I have done a lot of research and watched a lot of Doctor’s video’s and even got the advice from my own Doctor who supports Keto as long as you’re doing it properly.

      To me the Keto lifestyle is just that…a lifestyle not a diet…its a much healthier way to eat and live, whether you want to lose or gain weight or even just maintain what you have.

      All you need to do is to eat real whole foods, I realize its not always a thrifty way to live but I personally think that this is done on purpose.  It can be done on a budget though, The Countess of Low Carb has many thrifty shopping list video’s in places like walmart, costco, walgreens and many more.  She also provides people meal plans if requested.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Amanda. I had cancer in 2010. Even before that, I had a hard time gaining weight or keeping it on. Then, trying to eat more healthy food made it even harder to gain weight.
    It can be very frustrating to hear people always talking about how to lose weight, but not how to gain it! Especially when people joke about having to lose weight. I know, I do try to just accept it… that’s the way it is… and they don’t know any better. But imagine a kid listening to other kids joke about rides at an amusement park, saying, “I just have to cut down. Five rides a day is plenty,” when the child listening has never even been within ten feet of a merry-go-round.
    Three of our four kids seem to have inherited my genetics in this area as well. It’s not fun for an 18-year-old young man to struggle so much to gain weight. He drinks protein drinks. I usually make him 3 eggs in the morning. And he was recently given a benchpress to add to his exercise regimen.
    So thanks for writing this article! I will bookmark this site.

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