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The Keto Pill Scam-False Claims

Greetings to all my readers and thank you for taking the time to read through my blogs.  Today I am going to address something that has been really getting under my skin, I am talking about the The Keto Pill Scam.  I am sure you have seen the many advertisements about how “The Shark Tank” raved that these Keto pills are too strong and that you can lose ridiculous amounts of weight on these pills.  Not only do they have people scammed into thinking the Shark’s support this scam but they have also advertisements with Dr.  Oz and many other celebrities claiming to support this rip off of a scam.

I am the first person to say that I almost got sucked into this garbage, I would love to be able to take a miracle pill to cure obesity or just drop that last 50 pounds but we all know that a safe pill for this has not been made.  It’s very frustrating for someone like me who has struggled most of my life with weight problems to see these advertisements and then to see that people have actually fallen for it and have wasted their hard earned money on this scandal.


The Keto Pill ScamThe Keto Pill Scam

That picture among many others was taken from Facebook, where they are using celebrities to promote this life changing pill.  I have reported many of these pictures to Facebook as spam because I know these are fake pictures.  You can clearly see the floating bottle of keto pills that were cropped and pasted into this photo.  Facebook “investigated” these complaints and stated that it didn’t break any of their rules.  I personally don’t know how they can legally use these photo’s without the permission of the celebrities but that’s not my area of expertise, I do however feel bad for the many people that have lost out with these claims.

So after seeing all of these ads I took it upon myself to do some research and I am very thankful I did.  As you can see in these ads none of the celebrities are actually holding a bottle, every ad you see is cropped and floating or snapped into the photo.  Another thing I noticed was that there are several brands of this magic Keto pill being put out there not just the “Keto Pure” brand.  One more dead give away is that the .com addresses or domain are never the same, they are all different and they don’t seem to go with the ad itself.   Yet another tip off that these magic pills are not so magical is that you notice they are not only in different packaging but they are sometimes even different colored capsules.

I have also found on youtube a video that has taken the time to look into the girls that claimed they had shark tank interview and that all five panel members endorsed this product.  His evidence is more than convincing and I hope that this word gets out before anyone else is taken advantage of.  Its so sad to target people who have already been through enough battling weight problems to not only not see the results they were promised but now to be out the money that was suckered out of them.  Some people who go through this process only to see that they have failed and will undoubtedly blame themselves thinking they must of done something wrong when they did nothing of the sort.



What Really Works

Although I would love this claim of miracle weight loss pills to be true, it is not but I can tell you what really works for weight loss.  Actually living the Keto lifestyle, if you have no idea where to start and would like to check out my beginners article.  To give you a summary of what the Ketogenic Lifestyle is:  it is when you cut out all sugars and lower your carbs so your body switches from burning glucose/carbs to burning fat as its energy source.

I have been living this lifestyle now for two years on and off and I am living proof it works for weight loss and so much more.  I am not selling anything so I have nothing to benefit from telling you this except the world should know what does really work and how easily it can be attainable.  To get started I educated myself which is the best piece of advice I can give you, read about it, watch YouTube video’s about it.  There are many support groups and pages on Facebook dedicated to helping people through this Keto journey, but let me warn you there are many nay sayers who are not educated on what Keto really is.

Just because it is a high fat way of life does not mean we eat a pound of bacon a day or indulge in unhealthy fats.  When done properly the Keto lifestyle is very healthy and can help with many other problems than just weight.  Personally I used to have to take blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was so high, after living the keto lifestyle for only two months I was off my medication and I still remain that way.

My whole life I have struggled with never having enough energy to get through my day, even before I had my three amazing children.  After getting adapted into this way of life I have more than enough energy to get through my day, I actually want to get up in the mornings and I always wake before my alarm even goes off.

Another thing I hear and read a lot is that you NEED carbs to live, well this is not so.  Although on the keto way of life you do lower your carbs we don’t cut them out completely, we keep them at a level of about 5% or 20 grams per day of healthy carbs.  I’m not sure if you know this or not but there are actually a lot of carbs in vegetables which are a lot healthier than white flour.  That is how I would recommend you get your daily allotted carbohydrates.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped someone before they got sucked into a payment or series of payments that have taken them no where but more disappointment.  Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think and if you have any other topics I can address.

6 thoughts on “The Keto Pill Scam

  1. Wow, this is a really helpful article review! I don’t know why some persons or group of persons thought that scamming is the best way they can earn a living. I still wonder why they deceive people to believe in their false claims. The best way to lose weight according to this review is to cut down on all sugar/ carbs intake. Thank you for this eye-opening review. Well done.

  2. It’s a very good review of this scam! Thank you for sharing it. I’ve also been on diets, on different ones at different periods of my life. At the moment I’ve been on a low-carb diet and it has been successful for me. Of course I started to do workouts 3 times a week, so not only my food has been changed but my lifestyle as well. The combination of them can be really called magic, so that’s what I believe in and it has worked for me. I also believe that different people can have success with different diets or programs, but they should follow the guidelines of the followed program and believe in themselves and the program as well.

  3. Great stuff Amanda really perceptive. Here I thought the crop and paste days were long over. The Keto pill scam would have certainly faded into obscurity had it not been for that fake Shark Tank video. This is awful for the people that invest money into this product thinking it would work. Exposing this scam is a great help to anyone unaware of the fact.

    Unfortunately there is no magic weight loss pill. Though that is not say all hope is lost. Changing a daily diet does play a big role in weight loss.

  4. It’s pretty much the sign of the times these days – using celebrities on social media to promote your own (pretty poor quality) product, and then seeing how long you can get away with it for. In most cases they make a lot of money in the first few months before the celebrities come out and say they have nothing to do with the product. 

    A weight loss product is perfect for this – people will do anything to lose weight, and will pay large amounts of money for something that works. 

    I’m wondering if there are any health concerns with this scam Keto product?

  5. The edited pictures alone has frightened me and would not try this product. How can I trust the product when the owners are scammers and liars? 

    If ever I need a Keto pill, I’d rather buy from more established companies like those listed in Amazon than from these companies that do anything including lying and editing pictures. And I agree with what you said, we can get by with a little carbo of about 20 grams per day. And you’re safe too, from away from acquiring Diabetes.

    Maybe in the coming weeks or months I will start taking and observing a proper Keto diet. 

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