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In this article I would like to go over what safe keto sugar substitutes are the best to use living the keto lifestyle. First of all I need to say its best just to avoid sugar and substitutes all together but if you just can’t but still want to live a ketogenic life I will give you the best sugar substitutes to use. These safe Keto sugar substitutes rate either zero on the glycemic index or are the lowest you can get.

While doing the research for the best sweeteners to use I learned a lot myself. I am a frequent user of Stevia which is not a bad choice but I learned that if can trigger an insulin response from a rise in glucose/blood sugar levels. This is some new research that has been done because up until now its was thought to have no effect glucose levels. I will tell you more about how Stevia can cause a rise in glucose levels when I break down my top picks for safe Keto sugar substitutes.

Top 4 Keto Sugar substitutes


# 1. Monk fruit – Not only is monk fruit keto friendly in that it will not raise your blood sugar levels, but it also has antioxidants in it as it is derived from a melon found in China and Thailand. This super fruit has been used for herbal remedies for centuries but just recently getting the attention it deserves in the United States.

Monk fruit extract has a glycemic index of zero which means it will not raise your blood sugar, has little to no calories in its pure powdered form and has a bonus has had no ill side effects or nasty after-taste. Because it contains anti oxidants it supports the immune system, digestive tract and also aids in reducing inflammation. That is why monk fruit extract is my number one choice for a keto safe sugar substitute.

Get your monk fruit sweetener here

# 2. Erythritol – Is a plant based sugar alcohol and made by fermenting the natural sugars found in corn. This substitute also has a glycemic index of zero, so it should not kick you out of ketosis as it does not raise your glucose levels. 90% of erythritol is absorbed before it ever reaches your bowels, this helps to prevent bloating. This sugar alcohol became commercialized in Japan sometime after 1990. Unlike other sugar alcohols such as xylitol and maltitol this one does not have a laxative effect. Although large amounts which is NOT recommended for any sweetener can cause nausea and rumbling of your tummy.

Get your erythritol here


# 3. Glycerol/Glycerine – Is a natural occurring sugar alcohol derived from animal fats so might not be the best choice for those vegetarians out there. This is one I had never really heard much of until I did my research today, I guess I know the song Glycerin by the band called Bush but that was as far as my knowledge of it went until today. It has 4 calories per gram but it only has 40% of the sweetness that sugar has, so it doesn’t excite that part of your brain that will tell you to crave more sweet taste later on. This one has a glycemic index of zero as well so there’s not trigger in insulin. Like it is suggested with most anything in life do not over do it as this one can have a laxative effect in some people if you consume over 50 grams per day.

This substitute is more commonly used as an ingredient in foods marketed for diabetics and us carb junkies alike.



# 4. Stevia – Before my research today this one would have made number one but for reasons I will explain it made number four on my list. In any form but liquid it can raise your blood sugar because in powdered forms it has malto dextrin or dextrin present. Malto dextrin has double the glycemic index as regular table sugar.

Stevia is 300 times sweeter tasting than sugar so some say it might trigger that part of your brain that will tell you it wants more at a later date. Stevia comes from a plant in the chrysanthemum family and has been used in Japan since the 1970’s. Many stevia products such as “Stevia in the Raw” for example actually doesn’t have a lot of the stevia extract in them so be careful to read the ingredients. If dextrose or malto dextrin is in this list it will raise your blood sugar and result in an insulin response.

Get your liquid stevia here

Sucrose & Sucralose

One last thing I want to add in here to clear up some confusion is the difference between sucrose and sucralose as this was one that had me scratching my head too.

Sucrose is a naturally occurring SUGAR, we know it as “table sugar”.

Sucralose or “splenda” as you may know it as is an artificial sweetener produced in a laboratory. The reason sucralose/splenda did not make it on my top choice list for safe keto sugar substitutes is because I’m going for the most natural, non-toxic choices for moderate use on a ketogenic “diet”. Not saying I don’t use it and it does not cause a spike in blood sugar but if you’re like me, you probably try to stay as healthy as possible in the choices we make.

Again I can’t stress enough, everything in moderation and its best to practice abstinence so to speak against sugar and even sugar substitutes if you can. I know at first its very hard to go cold turkey and if you need that sweet taste once in a while I would stick to these four keto safe sugar substitutes.

Thank you for reading and as always I love to read your comments below. I also have some meal ideas, snacks and even sweet’s recipe’s at the very bottom of my page. Let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Be well and Keto on.

52 thoughts on “Safe Keto Sugar Substitutes

  1. Amanda, avoiding sugar is a hard case for me so that is why I want to know more on Keto substitutes especially the ones that rate zero on the glycemic index.
    You have shared the top four and honestly their reviews have drawn me in.
    I personally have liked the Monk fruit sweetener and wonder if the melon that is used to make it can grow else where other than China and Thailand.
    Thank you for the wonderfully written post.

  2. This really eases my uncertainty regarding sugar substitutes. I’ve tried much of what you’ve outlined on this list but was always uneasy about potential effects of these sugars down the road. I’m glad to see that these sugar substitutes are safe to ingest and now I won’t have to try and work my way around such substitutes. 

  3. Great choices for sugar substitutes. I had not heard of Monk Fruit before, and you have this listed as number one.  Would you say that this is the safest sugar substitute?  I mean I have heard that Stevia can be bad for you.  So I want the best healthy sugar alternative 🙂  Also is Monk fruit easy to find at the grocery store, or do I need to go to a health foods store?  

    1. Most def. that is why I listed it as number one =)  I did some reading on Stevia and I think it got a bad rep. but if you use it in liquid form steering away from additives and always in moderation you would be fine.  You can get Monk Fruit sweetener most anywhere, readily available online as well.  Check this out ===>>Monkfruit SweetenerMonkfruit Sweetener

  4. Hi Amanda, this is an interesting look at sugar substitutes. I am not familiar with all of them but the information is valuable. Some years ago I found out how harmful sugar can be and even though you might reduce the amount at each serving, you can find yourself gradually tolerating more until it is at an unacceptable level. I decided to cut out sugar. I have no sugar in my drinks, no sweet desserts and just some select fruits. It is not as disastrous as people might think and I don’t mind developing a habit that works to my benefit. Thanks for the information.

    1. That is amazing!  The results of taking sugar out completely is amazing, well at least I think they are.  It really isn’t as hard as one might think and another thing I noticed was that it changed my taste buds…anything I thought I might like to try that was sweet was not tasty to me anymore.

    2. Interesting. I haven’t been using sugar but recently started using a product that is sweetened with stevia. Even though I don’t like the way it tastes, I think it is increasing my craving for sweets. I’m glad you mentioned this about sugar.

      1. Thank you,

        It’s crazy how all that works huh, I know we all think we need sugar or the taste of sugar but really in time you won’t miss it. I had a sip of my hunny’s coffee the other day by mistake and it pretty much gagged me it was soo sweet.

  5. Hello Amanda

    I am diabetic as well so getting the best sugar substitute is very important to me. I almost always avoid sugar and substitutes all together but sometimes you just have to use a sweetener. My go to is the Stevia. It being sweeter than sugar makes it easy to use less. Seeing that it raises my blood sugar levels is very alarming to me and explains a lot of the troubles that I have been having. I had not heard of Monkfruit until now. I thank you greatly for your article. I am sure it will be a great benefit for me. Blessed Be

    1. Hey Kari,

      You are so welcome, it was also surprising for me to learn this.  Always read the ingredient list and you’re chances are better using a liquid stevia extract, but again always read the ingredient list and if you see dextrose or maltodextin…stay away.  

      Be well.

  6. Hello,

    I can’t take my tea or coffee without a sweetener. That’s why this article really catches my attention. I’ve heard a lot about stevia but I’ve not actually tried it. Though it has its drawbacks like you mentioned, it’s the most popular amongst the four sweetness you’ve listed that I can readily purchase. I currently use a little honey as my sweetener, is this healthy for me?

    1. Hey Louis,

      A little honey is OK yes but if you’re using too much of it, it will be stored as fat.  Everything in moderation =)

  7. Nice article about Keto sugar substitutes. I have read similar articles about this but never as detailed as this. You really did a wonderful work in shedding spotlights on this. I’m most surprised by the use of glycerol as a substitute as I recently used it for a particular project but not as described here. Great work posting this. Keep up the good work. 

    1. Thank you, I had never heard of glycerol before doing my research, I don’t think its as common as the rest.  Thank you for your comment.

  8. You know, even some of us who ain’t on the kept lifestyle are also looking for healthier options and this list of safe keto sugar substitutes also meet us really well. I’ve never been much of a sugar person so I like the Glycerol/Glycerin option because of the lower sweet taste. I always thought glycerine was just for cosmetics, I wonder if it is the same one that is a naturally occurring sugar. It’s interesting to know that there are naturally occurring sweeteners from plants and animals too. 

  9. I have always used powdered stevia, but now I’m thinking of switching to something like the monkfruit sweetener especially if it’s going to keep from raising my blood sugar levels!

    1. Hey Glen,

      Yes I was very shocked and disappointed to learn this as well, just always make sure to read ingredient lists and if you see dextrose or maltodextrin say away. Monkfruit sweetener is my new choice of sweeteners now.

  10. The article on intermittent fasting was great. I did a keto regimen for 9 weeks but only lost 2 pounds and 1 inch all over. I’m still eating in a keto way and I find I’m eating less and less naturally. I can only hope that I will finally begin to lose excess weight as a result. Thanks for an excellent, informative article.

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. I am wondering if you had some creepy carbs or sneaky sugars you were not aware you were consuming. Also everyone is different and metabolized differently, do what works for you and make sure you get lots of water in.

  11. I’m amazed more and more each day that we keep finding new ways to make our bodies run more and more efficiently without refined and processed sugar. While I had heard of monk fruit before I had no idea that it was part of a keto diet and would enable me to not trigger a blood sugar response!

    Do you find that you need quite a bit of the monk fruit sweetener to really get something up to par with traditional sweeteners? I’ve admittedly always had a sweet tooth and have been trouble weening myself off of processed sugars as I transition to a keto friendly diet.

    1. No I don’t find that you do need a lot, and in time you will lose that “sweet tooth” so to speak.  I don’t really even like anything sweet tasting anymore, my taste buds have changed.

  12. Amanda

    Like your review of Safe Keto Sugar Substitutes,  avoiding sugar is difficult for me, but your recommendations put me at ease.  I think Monk Fruit Extract is a great one.

    Also, I will keep in mind your suggestion of everything in moderation.  But abstinence from sugar is really not possible for me.


  13. Amazing and very informal. The funny thing about it is that a friend was trying to explain recently what kito was. Im excited to tell him about this article. This is a must site to must go to. Thank you for taking the time and educating us about this interesting diet. I will be revisiting it.

  14. Hi Amanda, great post and I learnt a lot from it. Very interesting information about Stevia as I have heard about it raising blood sugar also. At least you have cleared it up, and it’s great that you don’t promote those nasty unnatural chemical sugars.
    Everybody should be using these sugar substitutes whether they are following a keto diet or not as sugar is poisonous to us all, and I for one feel so much better when I cut it out.
    Love the sound of the monk fruit sugar as it sounds very very natural. I have never seen it here in the UK but I may try to get it online. At the moment my sweetener if choice is Xylitol so I would love to know what you think about it as its not on your list. I’m not on a keto diet so I don’t really mind if it’s not for that purpose, I just wondered how healthy it is?

    Also, you can delete this bit out but I’m doing this review on my mobile phone and I notice that your social media buttons on the left are covering up the text a bit which is quite distracting. I have this problem too so now I just leave them at the end, or I might try putting them on the right hand side. Anyway, up to you, just some feedback 🙂

    1. Hello again Stephanie,

      After doing some research on Xylitol I did not add it to my list because the glycemic index is a 7, I try to recommend low or 0 indexes. Also if you’re going to use this make sure and get the non gmo otherwise you could be exposing yourself to a herbicide called glyphosphate. xylitol is fatal to dogs and can cause some gas if you consume it in quantities over 65 grams. On the upside though, there seems to be little to no after taste and its actually good for reducing tooth decay. Hope this helps.

  15. I love this!

    I have tried most of these sweeteners besides the glycerol! I really like the monk fruit sweetener and the stevia (in moderation). I used to use Stevia in my homemade lemonade vs sugar and it works so well! I have to use it very sparingly though otherwise it is a bit overwhelming. 

    Love this! I do not follow a keto diet so I also use dates and maple syrup as sweeteners, but I realize that they wouldn’t fall under the keto guidelines.

    Thanks for sharing this,


  16. Does sugar substitutes really do away with the negative part of the traditional sugar? How can I make the best use of Keto without triggering an insuling rise? splendid and very informal. The good thing about it is that a friend bought the product recently and am excited to tell him about this article. This is a must site to must go to. Thank you for taking the time and educating us about this interesting diet. I will be definitely put this site on my bookmark. 

    1. Yes it sure does, I wrote an article called Poison By Sugar you might want to read, and to your question about triggering an insulin response.  Avoid sugars in all forms and there are many many forms, its so important to read nutritional facts and ingredient lists. 

      It amazes me what I find sugar in, even if you don’t see sugar or carbs listed in the nutritional chart does not mean its not listed in the ingredient list.  

      If you must have the sweet taste try using one of the substitutes I have listed in this article as it has a glycemic index of 0 which means they will not trigger an insulin response.

      Thank you for your great questions and keto on =)

  17. This is an awesome article. To me , avoiding sugar is a great burden if I may put it that way , that is the reason why this article is very useful to me.sonce I can’t do without sugar, I really found this sugar substitutes very important. Although I have never tried any of these but from now I think I will try taking monk fruit. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  18. I’ve been researching the keto diet and safe keto sugar alternatives, I find this Logically Keto offer interesting. The customized monk fruit and  Erythritol sound like a great way to get started. I do tend to struggle with sticking the substitute out for the longer durations, But it doesn’t work the way I think. 

    Thanks for the eye opener; I will also check on other substitute

    1. Its so important to do your research and I commend you for doing so, some people go blindly into a new lifestyle without the knowledge to do it properly.  I hope you do take advantage of the KetoLogic offer, they provide great support.  

  19. I don’t know much about sugar but I know it is very dangerous in excess to health and to some people, they need to avoid it totally.

    Recently, I stopped taking substances with high sugar content because I felt like I had rise in my blood sugar level. Moreover, I never know one could use these substitutes. This has been very helpful.


    1. Sugar seems to be in everything we buy now, take notice the next time you go grocery shopping and read the ingredient lists, its in meats its in “sugar free” foods….I wrote a very interesting article called “Poison By Sugar” that gives you lists of names they use instead of sugar, but it is just that, forms of sugar.

      Its best to avoid sugar completely if you can I believe it has caused more health problems than not.  You can also get blood glucose monitors to test your sugar levels right at home if you are concerned ===>Keto Mojo

  20. Nice article there on Safe Keto Sugar Substitutes.i must say I really find every sugar substitutions you review in the article really helpful because I have been trying to move away from sugar consumption Because with what I have been reading about how bad sugar is for my health at the long run.i think I will like to pick one of this super substitution especially erythritol

  21. Hey Amanda! I’ve been needing some sugar substitutes for a while now. I’m glad I came across this article and it’s also very convenient that many of these are available on, with I use all the time! Thank you!

  22. I really love this article. I now know, I can use these sweeteners, especially Monkfruit sweetener which has a lot of health benefits.

  23. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing your list. I used to use a lot of the Stevia brand but noticed it left a bit of aftertaste in my tea so I switched to a raw form called Stevia in the Raw. I honestly don’t know it there is a huge difference between the two besides the aftertaste thing but I love it. Your list is very helpful. One thing I struggled with while I was pregnant was gestational diabetes so I was always looking to sweeteners that wouldn’t spike my insulin. I think your post could be great for people who suffer from diabetes also. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hey Jen,

      You’re welcome, gotta be careful with Stevia in powdered form a lot of them have “undercover sugars” like dextrose and matodextrin, which will both trigger an insulin response. Stevia in most liquid forms are fine =)

  24. Hi, Amanda. I don’t follow the Keto diet but I avoid sweeteners and most carbs. I recently started using a product because it is supposed to have some health benefits. It has taken me several weeks to get used to it because it is sweetened with stevia and I find it too sweet. I have been experimenting with using smaller amounts more frequently and mixing it with other things to mask the flavor.

    When I use this product, even though other people claim that it causes them to lose weight, I tend to crave carbs and snack more in general. I thought it might just be my imagination but I have stopped and restarted a couple of times and I’m convinced that something is not agreeing with my system.

    It must be the stevia. I’m going to stop using it. I guess I just needed a little reinforcement which I found in this article.

    Thanks! Theresa

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