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Since I have gone over intermittent fasting, I want to talk about something called autophagy; what it is and what are the benefits you can get from it.  Intermittent fasting has many benefits but I’ve recently learned that the power of autophagy is one of them.  Autophagy is short for autophagocytosis which is actually translated to “self eating”, sounds awful right?  Just like we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover don’t judge this process by its name.   I’m not sure why it took me 39 years to find out I had a dormant super power but now that I know, I intend to use it.  Everyone has this super power and can tap into this glorious process at any time, its like an anti aging secret that took me years to discover.

My Super Power


In plain English autophagy is when your body fixes itself by recycling damaged or dysfunctional cells by creating new and improved ones.  Now I don’t mean to bore you here but I do to get into the science of things otherwise I wouldn’t expect you to take my words serious.  I always do my research and inform my readers to the best of my abilities.   To help you better understand I’m going to add in a video that helped me.


There are three forms of autophagy:  Macroautophagy, Microautophagy and Chaperone mediated autophagy or CRA for short.

Macroautophagy– is when cells in bulk create double walled vesicle’s (a vesicle is just a fluid filled sac within a cell).  This vesicle is called an autophagasome, the autophagasome melds with lysosomes (lysomsomes are like little recycling centers, they break down and recycle weaker cells)  By melding with these lysosomes it breaks down unwanted cells in bulk and recycles the matter to create better.  This process usually occurs after short periods of fasting.

Microautophagy – this process skips the double wall or membrane, instead the material that is to be digested melds directly with the lysosome and then gets broken down and recycled.

Chaperone mediated autophagy (CMA) – Refers to the breaking down of soluble proteins.  Six proteins interact with each other and are known as the “chaperone complex”.  Before CMA can occur it needs a lysosome that is acidified.  The chaperone complex proteins are attracted to certain lysosomes and when they find the ones they need, they bind to it then start unfolding and entering the lysosome, which is called translocation.  So as its name suggests it is chaperoned or transported into the lysosome specific to its needs.  This usually occurs after prolonged periods of fasting.

The term autophagy was first created by a Belgium Biochemist, Christian de Duve in 1963.  He discovered the functions of lysosomes and in 1990 the recognition of autophagy-related genes in yeast led to researchers discovering exactly what autophagy can do.  Later in years a Japanese researcher Yo Shinori Ohsumi won a Nobel prize in Physiology for uncovering the mechanics of autophagy and how it can beneficial in many scenarios.

Yo Shinori Ohsumi

Secrets to anti-aging and MORE!

Now that were out of the factual science part of autophagy lets get into the amazing benefits it provides us with.   Thanks to the findings of the man above we know that autophagy recycles and makes better functioning cells.  This happens naturally as we are growing up, there are plenty of autophagasomes running rampid in our bodies eating up any damaged or dysfunctional cells.  As we get older we don’t produce as many autophagasomes but if we put ourselves into autophagy our bodies create more and more autophagasomes.  Like I referred to Ketones as soldiers in my article understanding ketones these autophagasomes are much like sodiers as well.  They find and target all the bad or weak cells, recycle them to create stronger ones.

In one study of autophagy, after 24 hours of fasting autophagosomes increased by 300% and after another 24 hours they increased by another 30%.  Now, when I say these soldiers create stronger cells I mean they create stronger brain cells, nerve cells, skin cells…our bodies are full of cells and autophagasomes replace all the bad with new.  This benefits us with anti aging affects, protects our brain cells, allows us to regrow new brain cells and nerve cells.  It is proven to be good for heart health and to protect our immune systems.


So all of this great stuff can happen when we fast, I discuss intermittent fasting in another article I have published to give you an idea of eating/fasting windows.  My new goal is to enter autophagy once a week in a 24 hour fast.  I would suggest working up to 24 hours and this includes our sleep time so it’s really not as hard as one might imagine.

I personally find that after your in ketosis, you’re not as hungry as you are when not in fat burning mode.

I have touched base on the effects of sugar in my article “poison by sugar” but I feel that its worth mentioning again.  Sugar feeds disease’s, our bodies were not meant to function on processed sugars.  There are so many studies happening now on the ketogenic lifestyle and its benefits and now learning more about intermittent fasting and the benefits from autophagy, we are getting so much closer to either preventing diseases like cancers and diabetes to curing these diseases.

I have said over and over how much better I feel living this way and I will preach it to the high heavens because its undeniably the better way to live.  Even if I never lost a pound, I would still live this lifestyle just based on how much better I feel when my body is utilizing fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates and sugars.  I am adding in this video from YouTube because I would like you to hear what Doctors are saying about this lifestyle and how you can benefit from it to.

I recommend taking the time to watch these two video’s as they are very eye opening.  Please leave me  comment below and tell me what you think, leave a message if you like and as always be well.




23 thoughts on “Power of Autophagy

  1. I love this article and the way you frame autophagy as a superpower. Right now I’m reading Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, which is all about the power of the mind to heal the body. The idea that we can recycle and repair damaged cells is one of the book’s major components, and it’s an idea that I think can be hard for us to accept when we’re raised in a Western medicine background. The results that you mention after just 24 hours of fasting are incredible! I’ve done intermittent fasting before, but this makes me think it might be about time for a little body cleanse now that we are almost a quarter of a way through 2019! 

  2. Thank you for this informative article. I have heard a lot about ketosis, and I will have to study more about it. Unfortunately, science makes my eyes glaze over.

    In any event, I grew up fasting for religious reason, and  have largely abandoned the process, but I’m thinking of picking it up again  based on your article. How often do you fast. Can you drink water while fasting?

    1. I have a great article for anyone who wants to start the keto lifestyle-for beginners.  In answer o your question though, yes you can drink water, black coffee and tea.  You start out small 12 hours and work your way up…that includes sleeping time.  I wrote an article on intermittent fasting too.

  3. Very interesting and useful article. The evidence supporting fasting is ever increasing. It used to appear odd to me till now, that I would need to constantly feed myself and to constantly support my diet with supplements in order to live a normal, healthy life. These article is so interesting to me to know that fasting is protect our brain cells, heart health and general wellbeing.Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Wow this is great that intermittent fasting can also be an anti-aging tool!   You do mention intermittent.  So how often, or how many days a week is fasting okay to do?  Would this be say, eating dinner and then skipping breakfast?  Would that be considered fasting?  Or not eating completely.  thanks!

    1. Hey there,

      Yes I also wrote an article on intermittent fasting, I think you might benefit from the information there too.  To sum it up though because I thought fasting was missing meals and feeling deprived.  I would suggest finishing up supper, we’ll say around 5 then you sleep all night and from 5pm-5am is 12hrs, so you got that down with your sleeping then go as long as you can,….work your way up.

  5. Another amazing article! How do you do it? I really never heard of autophagy before you wrote about it in this article.

    The body is an outstanding machine and the more we learn about it the more we realize how much we don’t know. I agree 100% with you about processed/sugar filled foods are not meant to be put in our bodies. Great article and videos about the power of autophagy. Look forward to seeing more of your articles

  6. Hello Amanda:

    Your blog post kept my interest. I had no idea that Autophagy even was used in fighting cancer.Now I have a better understanding of the keto diet. Personally I am a firm believer when it comes to clean eating. My wife and I are Vegans. I have so much extra energy and feel much more better livung this way then eating a diet that is not plant based. 

    I really enjoyed your short videos on the topic. It helped me understand things a bit better.How did you condense the video size down? I have a website also and if I knew how to do this it could help open up more for me. 

    Keep up your writting it is great you chose this niche. Lots of people need it. 

    Thank you,

    Brian E.

    1. Thank you so much, I am invested in this topic in so many way and the number one reason has proven itself to me in the way that I feel.  

      I lived a vegetarian lifestyle once for almost a month with my sister and I dropped weight fast but I knew personally this was not a long term sustainability for me, because I do love meat.  

      Actually the video size I had no control over, I actually wanted the full size to show but when I copied the embed code that’s how it showed up.  I do know you can change the size of the video in the code but for me personally I couldnt get anything but…..

      I will look for the training on changing the size of YouTube video’s though and send it your way.

  7. I think that we cause ‘artificial’ disease by eating junk food or animal food that has not been processed well. The truth is, we have all remedies available in nature in the form of earth grown foods (including fish). Moreover, those foods are helping in preventing the disease from forming. The ketogenic diet is just another proof of my statement. I have discovered that my weak and damaged joints can be treated merely by changing my diet. Eating a lot of broccoli, for example, has excellent benefits on joint tissue. After two weeks of eating broccoli twice a day, I have managed to crouch down to the floor without discomfort or pain. I mean, prove me wrong or crazy, I used to scream in pain, but now things are getting better all thanks to choosing the right diet.

    Also, I have watched a video where this process of autophagy is shown in real time. It looks unreal under the microscope, but in reality, it happens. It is unbelievable how many powers we have.

    I will keep your site in mind for the future reference on a ketogenic diet. You seem like a ‘go to’ person when it comes to this topic.

    1. Thank you so much Ivan, your comment means a lot to me. I am working on a 24 hr fast as we speak, gotta get those autophagasomes working over time =)

      Congrats on the pain relief…I think maybe an article on diet and pain might be in order.

      Be well.

  8. So much wonderful information here, as an intermittent faster myself, though I do so religiously as a muslim, but it is not something that i’m forced or uncomfortable to do, just grown to like it.

    I really did not know about the so much health benefits attached to it, what I do know is when my fast is still on I tend to long for food, but the moment i’m about to break the fast i lose appetite faster.

    I think this is something i should take as a lifetime goal, thanks a lot for sharing once again.

  9. A relative of mine has had digestive and related health problems pretty much all her life. A few months ago she started researching diet-based health and settled on an elimination carnivore diet with periods of fasting. Her health has improved dramatically since then, her reactions to food are finally going down, and it’s been an overall great experience for her. It’s good to understand better what all these ketogenic and autophagic processes are doing and how. Thanks for the info!

  10. Thanks for the post. I appreciate that you gave the background and science behind the keto diet and what changes it actually has on our body and it responds to it. I must say I knew some of the info here as my husband is living the keto life at the moment, but I did not know all the specifics that you provided. Thank you for this, it definitely paints a clearer picture on the ketogenic lifestyle as a whole.

  11. I really liked reading this post. I’ve heard about ketosis before but I’ve never actually researched it or learned anything specific about the process. I think it’s really awesome that it can also be anti-aging. How awesome is it that our bodies can fix themselves if you know what to do? I mean think about all the creams and supplements people buy. If only they knew about ketosis and that by practicing ketosis that their body could just fix itself. Thanks for the information!

    1. Your welcome Missy,

      It is quite amazing to learn all the things the body can on its own if we know how. Autophagy is an amazing tool, I made it 20 hours yesterday but I plan on doing a 24 hr fast weekly, to get those autophagosomes in motion. Summer is fast approaching.

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