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Good morning, good afternoon or good evening depending upon where you are on the globe.  This is a new spin on my articles and I would like to keep you updated on the latest findings in the world of Keto and Keto News.  I don’t plan on sugar coating anything, or even hiding anything that might make you think twice about Keto but I will give you facts and research based information.

Yes I do practice Keto and I feel the best I’ve felt in years, I have been taken off my high blood pressure medicine due to Keto, I don’t take anti-depressants anymore and I don’t experience the back pain like I used to.  So just to catch you up if you have not read any of my previous articles, I am talking about the Ketogenic Diet as people like to call it.  I like to call it a way of life or a lifestyle change because that’s what it is to me.

keto facts

The Ketogenic “diet” is when your body has switched from burning sugar for fuel to burning fat for fuel, sounds pretty good right?  When you take away the sugars that the body naturally clings to for its energy source and you lower your carbohydrate intake, because too many carbs are converted into glucose or sugar your body is then forced to produce what we call Ketones from fat and this is all done in the liver.  So basically your body turns into a fat burning machine, I know this might sound too good to be true but it’s fact.


Lets Dig In

Now that we’re all caught up on what the Ketogenic lifestyle is, we will get right into the latest news.  As I was doing my research for this article I happened upon a Health Watch episode published April 22 of this year, where they featured Beth Rosen who is a Registered Dietitian.

She didn’t have much in the way of positive comments for the Ketogenic way of life, she stated that it was used for treatment in children with epilepsy.  That part is true it was created as a form of Dietary therapy for children that were drug resistant and what I mean by that is that they did not show any improvements from the anti-seizure medications provided.  She continued to say that it was used as a treatment for children with epilepsy because it slowed brain function and that is why it worked to slow seizure activity.   Her other claim was that there was no proof that it was beneficial for adults with epilepsy and that there was no proof that had any other benefits, well I know this little tid bit of information to be untrue as well.

Well when she said that I knew immediately it was not so, I did my digging and research as I always do.  I have gone straight to the source of where it all started The Epilepsy Foundation where I found a plethora of factual information, none of which said anything about slowing brain function or activity.  If anything I found quite the opposite, Dr.  Eric H.  W.  Kossoff M.D. and known as a world expert on Keto diet therapy as well as pediatrics and neurology stated that not only is Keto diet therapy beneficial for children and adults with epilepsy but it is now being studied with ongoing clinical trials for a list of other disorders and diseases such as traumatic brain injuries, depression, schizophrenia and alzhiemers.

Now you don’t have to be a Doctor to know that if these studies are showing improvements in just these areas, it is definitely not slowing down any brain function or activity.  Below I am going to add in a list of other disorders and diseases that are currently being investigated to be improved by a Ketogenic lifestyle:

Keto not just for epilepsy


Proof is in the Pudding

Now I’m going to get into the “no other benefits” comment that was referred to.  There have been and continue to be substantial proof that the Ketogenic lifestyle not only works for mental clarity because it reduced inflammation but it is very effective for weight loss.  I myself dropped 30 pounds in the first three months practicing this lifestyle, and as I described in my opening paragraph I also benefited in many other ways.  I am not the only one that has these success stories, on an episode of Dr.  Oz just Jan. 7th this year he features Montel Williams who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2000 and he raves that he has the Ketogenic lifestyle, as he likes to call it as well to thank for his improvements.  He also had high blood pressure prior practicing this Keto way of life and now seems to be the picture of health as well as I might add a very healthy weight.  Take a look at this episode below to hear it from the Man himself:

If you’ve come this far as to research the Ketogenic lifestyle yourself I am positive you have seen the many success stories and pictures that this way of life aids in weight loss.  Just one success story that sticks out in my mind and will always is that of Steve Gonzo who I found when I first started my Keto research, I think I have watched every one of his video’s and I would not know half of what I know if it were not for Steve.  I have mentioned him in one of my other articles on excellent resources to educate yourself on this way of life.  Anything I could say to describe his journey would be so inferior to hearing it straight from him, so I would suggest you go ahead and watch this video below on his journey into this way of life, the struggles he faced and his success story.  Just more proof that this way of life not only is used as a dietary therapy in drug resistant epilepsy patients of children and adults but aid in weight loss and many other beneficial treatments.

This video is Steve at an Adapt your Life conference, which is really quite a big deal in the Keto World:


Best for Last

Now I want to elaborate on some fake news, I did a whole article on this when it first surfaced and touched on where it might of come from but now I’m going to add in some factual footage.  I’m sure your all aware of Weight Watchers and in no way am I going to bash them because like many of you I am sure you’ve tried it.  When I did try it, it worked but then I was now as educated on what sugar and carbs can do to the body.  Although the program does and I’m sure will work for many to lose weight I don’t believe it’s a healthy lifestyle and unlike a Keto way of life you still end up feeling hungry somehow.

The article I’m referring to was Keto Crotch and I actually had a bit of fun writing that one, Keto crotch is a claim that the Keto lifestyle somehow makes your girly parts have an unpleasant odor.  Since then I have come across many other resources that have enlightened me to the fact that this fake story arose back in 2014 and than again in 2016.  Let me put your mind at ease and tell you this is without a doubt untrue!  As you can read in this article “Why The Media Went Crazy For Keto Crotch” and in the article I wrote there is no proof or medical explanation that living the Keto lifestyle will cause an unwanted or unnatural smell.

Apparently when these accusations appear shortly after or before there is an add for Weight Watchers, but why has it again arose in 2018?  Well let me tell you, weight watchers has had a huge loss since Keto has proven to be beneficial for weight loss but also suggests improvements in many other disorders.  2018 has been the biggest year for Keto and weight watchers has taken a huge hit because of it.

I for one want everyone to succeed in whatever way they choose but not everyone is like me.  There are many that when hit with opposition that challenges there ratings hit back and that folks is why the infamous Keto Crotch has resurfaced.

I hope you enjoyed my first Keto News article, please leave a comment below to let me know how I’m doing.




28 thoughts on “Keto News

  1. I think the keto diet is one of the best diets around and very easy to stick with, once you actually get used to being on it. I’d say I became familiar with the diet about two years ago and it’s impressive!

    I bet the keto diet will continue to rise in popularity, but there are still a ton of people who have yet heard of it. 

    1. I agree Nate, although I would call it a lifestyle change rather than a “diet”.    Please feel free to share my website.

  2. Well I can say that after years of being in low carb and keto communities, I had never heard of Keto crotch until a couple of weeks ago, so ya, fake news.
    It is sad that people have to stoop to such tactics just to sway people away from meat…if that is even possible.
    Thank you for this article. It is nice to see the Keto news and learn of any new or up and coming breakthroughs. I know of many people who have changed their lives because of a low carb diet, so Keto on!

  3. I did not know all those benefits this article showed me. Definitely a keto news for me. It always proves that eating what the body can process will increase health. Good research and I liked those videos. it helps anyone to read this article who is dabbling on starting ketogenic diet. Thanks for sharing of this useful information.

  4. Oh wow, I did not realize there were so many benefits. I just started the Keto diet, that my doctor highly recommended. I am just learning how to make some recipes other than just the basic things like eggs, cheese and meat. I have learned that I need to be creative in order to not get bored. Do you have a favorite keto cookbook? I ordered one, but boy it turned out to be an awful cookbook. I also see that it helps Parkinson’s which my dad has. I am visiting him next month for a couple of weeks. I will be serving him nothing but the Keto diet!

    1. Well to tell you the truth I just do what you said, I get creative. I take the foods that I know I can have and create meals out of them, I actually have a few recipe’s right here on this website as well as on my facebook page and group. I hope this helps your Dad and I hope he accepts that it will…good to hear other Doctors are finally jumping on board the keto wagon.

  5. Hy Amanda!I’ve heard many good things about the keto diet and how can improve your life and your article completes the overall view of this Ketogenic diet or lifestyle. However, I didn’t take any action in this direction. What kind of foods do you suggest avoiding besides sugar? Is it necessary to eat only fatty foods to make your liver produce the ketones the brain uses? What else do you recommend?

    1. Hey Sebastian,

      For foods to avoid is anything with sugar and their are many names and different forms of sugars (undercover sugars) as well as high carb content. Breads, pasta, rice, all foods to avoid….regular 2 % milk has 12 grams of sugar and 12 grams of carbs in only 1 cup. For a milk alternative you can get heavy whipping cream, unsweetened almond or coconut milk. As far as your fats you should concentrate on getting healthy fats in such as avacado, nuts & seeds, olives/olive oil, coconut oil, salmon and even dark chocolate. The way to get your liver to produce ketones is to deplete the sugar source, then it transitions to using fat.

  6. The Keto diet looks like it is here to stay. This topic is mainstream in our society today and I believe all the information we can have on it the better.  My wife follows the diet a bit and I have seen a positive change to her well being because of it.  You have some very good information on your site that I can take to her to help on her journey.  I think your content creates huge value for people starting out on keto or ones that are already deep into it.  I will be checking your site often.  Thank You

    1. Well thank you Mark, 

      Please congratulate your wife on her lifestyle choice, I’m sure she won’t regret it. 

  7. Thank you for taking your time to carry out research to get this in depth information and sharing it with us on keto. I’ve gone through this post and I realised that keto processes mainly our body fats and also to make sure to avoid sugar or sugary filled contents. so, I want to seek to know if I should only feed on fat rich foods to allow my body be able to generate and store enough energy? 

    thanks for the keto news

    1. You would cut out sugar and keep your carbohydrate intake down to 20 grams per day, concentrating on healthy carbs and healthy fats.  I do have a beginner’s article and one on macro nutrients if you would like to delve in a little deeper, please let me know if I can assist you further after reading that.  

  8. So I am super interested in going 100% keto.  I found out recently that it raises your natural HGH levels, which is indeed the actual fountain of youth for people, and after watching the videos in this article and looking over some of your recipes, I’m ready to do this.  I follow, what I have always considered to be, a healthy diet plan.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, very little sugar, and low carbs, but I do eat carbs for sure.  I eat bread and pasta and rice, and now I am realizing I need to completely eliminate these.  I’m not a huge meat eater, but I adore avacados, and I could definitely up my meat intake for the fat if that’s what’s required.  I was wondering if you could help me get started?  Is there a particular book you recommend?  Your site has some very valuable information, so where should I read on here first?  My name inside Wealthy Affiliate is BabsieRocks, or you can email me at Babs@Coachingforinternetmarketers dot com and give me a starting point?  I know my son is also interested in the keto diet, so we could probably do it together, which I think would be very helpful?  Thanks for your help!

  9. I have a big question to ask. I am a type two diabetic and know that if my blood sugar dips too low I can go into Keto-acidosis a form of diabetic shock or coma .Is there a serious risk to my health trying this diet or lifestyle change? If not I know it will help me to lose another 75 pounds to get back where I was before surgery sidelined me and I gained 160 pounds. Heres to hoping for help.

    1. This way of life is perfect for type two diabetics, just make sure you talk it over with your Doctor, eat good fats and healthy carbs.  I was almost a type two diabetic until I did something about my weight, and Keto is a very healthy lifestyle when done the clean way.

  10. Hi thanks for bringing up to speed in the Keto  diet and lifestyle. 

    I had seen and heard about it before but kind of dismissed it as a fad diet and didn’t pay it much attention. 

    After reading your article and seeing all the benefits it can give me, means I have changed my mind and am now looking at how I can use this to lower my high cholesterol. I will be a joy to finally get ride of my awful tasting tablets 🙂

    How long after I make the change to it, would I start to feel the benefits of being on the Keto diet?

    It’s sound amazing to switch my body from burning sugars into burning fat for fuel. I have been told I need to eat less carbohydrates so this may be the answer .

    I am so pleased I came across this article as I may have changed my my for the better.

    Take care.

    1. Matthew,

      This is very do-able I did an article on cholesterol and Keto, just focus on good fats and healthy carbs and the numbers will prove to be a success.  

      Within a month my blood pressure dropped, the inflammation was gone, I had more energy, no more antidepressants and the pain from my herniated discs was not something I felt daily anymore.  It turns out that inflammation alone can cause a lot of pain and when you eliminate that the pain subsides.

  11. Hi, 

    I didn’t know that the Keto diet had a beneficial affect on illnesses such as epilepsy…although I am not surprised. Never the less I am glad to learn this info as you never know when you will need it! 

    Hearing about Keto Crotch was both amusing and a bit gross…lol…and I too believe it is “fake news”. Using a keto diet is a good way to lose some pounds and a bit easier to stick to – so I agree it is a good diet. It gets my thumbs up, especially after seeing your videos and seeing the changes to people’s lives!

    1. Hey Liz,

      Its crazy what people will believe these days, yes it was originally constructed to treat epileptic children that did not respond to the anti seizure meds.  

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. It is pretty awesome when you hear of people who completely transform their health doing keto. I felt better initially on keto but then I plateaud so I went on a juice fast then went vegan. If you really want to energize your body try doing a vegan keto diet plan with avocados, nuts, and coconut products. Are there more girls or guys on keto diet?

    1. Hey Jon,

      It is quite amazing how Keto works for some to transform their lives.  I’m not sure I could live happily without my meat but it could work for some =)  I do tend to see more women than men, but when I do see Men doing it their results seem to happen a lot faster.

  13. Hello Amanda

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and details explanation on Keto Lifestyle.

    I heard about Keto before from YouTube but never know what kind of diet it is.

    I’m very interested in this Ketogenic lifestyle since it can help improve disease and disorders as you mentioned above.

    Which means it does not only help you lose weight but also assist in other things.

    Thanks for taking the time to put all these together. 

    All the best,

    1. Hey Samm,

      You’re welcome I’m glad to have educated you about the many benefits of the Keto lifestyle.

  14. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I love that you are helping so many people and your writing is so much better than my videos of ramblings…. keep changing lives Amanda. You are a blessing to many people.

    1. But of course Steve, had it not been for your ramblings I would not know what I do now. I will do my best to live up to what you left behind =) Maybe someday I’ll even get the nerve to go live and do video’s =P

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