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Ok peeps, so I don’t even know where to start on this topic but it has surfaced everywhere online it seems, none from any reputable sources but surfaced just the same.  I have been reading articles from New York Post, Global News and even Womens Health all raging about “keto crotch”, yes that’s what I said.  So if you want to know if this is a real side affect of the keto lifestyle keep reading.

There are many magazines, online advertisements and even radio shows gossiping about how the keto diet can give you a smelly region down below, when I read these I thought there was no way anyone could fall for this nonsense right?  Wrong, a lot of people are getting misinformed and missing out on the benefits of a keto way of life.  So I have put together this small article to “debunk” this theory.  At the end of this article Dr.  Ken D Berry also discredits this gossip.

Va Jay Jay pH

When I thought about writing this article I had so many mixed feelings, mostly got a chuckle out of it.  I personally think exaggerating this topic is coming straight from the mouths of uneducated people, the same people that think Keto is just “sizzling steaks or bacon with cheese drenched eggs” as the New York Post described.  Yea I eat that stuff but always in moderation, for me its usually a treat or as a reward.  Anyone that truly has educated themselves on this way of life knows we focus on healthy fats, in my article “fat does not make you fat” I clearly explain the difference.

Alright lets get down to business of our action area, your va jay jay (if you have one) has a ph balance.  PH is a measurement of how basic or acidic something is, a normal pH of your lady garden is between 3.8 and 4.5 which is a little acidic.

All throughout our lives our pH balances change and for many reasons.  The pH can change because of anything from when you reach your “ready to produce babies” stage to later in life when you reach pre-menopausal.  Just a few factors that can change your tunnel of love’s pH balance are:


Unprotected sex – Semen is alkaline, which will throw off the balance of our honey pots.  In this same category unprotected sex can lead to many problems that would definitely throw off your pH and cause more serious issues.

Antibiotics – If we don’t know this yet our girly parts have good and bad bacteria and antibiotics destroy both.  That is why a lot of women get a yeast infection while taking these medications.

Shark Week – Shark week is a common keto term us ladies use for that time of the month.  Our menstrual blood is a little basic, so it raises the pH balance, and another thing to take into consideration is what we use for this time of the month.  If we are using tampons and allowing that blood to sit there for 6-8 hours absorbing into out bodies the balance is going to be higher.

Douching – I personally hate this word but in my opinion its an outdated term.  This is in reference to flushing out our kitty cage, which I might add is not recommended.  This greatly increases the pH level of the holiest of holy’s.


Now, when our pH balance is off, it can change the natural scent of our love triangle.  Above I have only listed a few factors that can do this, there are many more that can do the same thing.  I want to add in here a quote from Jessica Shepperd M.D. who is a gynecologist in Dallas:   “any diet can change your vaginal ph balance”.

So even if the keto lifestyle changes the pH of your pear hotel, I for one can say it is not going to a foul odor or unpleasant essence.


I’m here to educate & entertain

Since I have actually got this far on the ridiculous attempt to discredit or to deter people from living a healthier lifestyle.   I would like to explain that “acetone” which is something we as keto’ers do emit from being in ketosis gives off a fruity scent, not a foul or fishy odor.

Being as serious as I can be, if you are releasing a fishy odor or anything unpleasant please see your Doctor as soon as possible.  I am sure she/he will have a reasonable explanation as to why this is happening besides it happening from the change in your diet.

Although this topic in entertaining to say the least, I hope you don’t let these uneducated false accusations steer you away from making healthier life choices. I do understand that to some this seems like a legitimate scare tactic but to someone who has lived this way for almost two years I can assure you this is not something you should stress over.

To lighten the mood a little I’m going to add in a YouTube video from Dr.  Ken D.  Berry who I think was as entertained as I was to hear of this foolishness, I can understand why Neisha didn’t stand in on this one:

26 thoughts on “Keto Crotch

  1. Thanks for putting together this piece, it is educative. Basically diet play an important role in PH level changes within the body. I agreee with you that a lot of things like semen from unprotected sex, antibiotics, douching and shark week can alter the PH balance of the body. However,this article focuses more on the feminne gender, I would like to know how the use of this productchange in PH level affects a man productivity..Is there a Money bacj guarantee.Great piece

    1. Your welcome, this article was waay off base compared to any of my other content.  I was just “debunking” the latest gossip about the keto lifestyle and in no way does it cause you to have a bad smell in the lower region.  

      I can assure you that the keto way of life would not affect a man any more than it would a woman down under.

      I have edited the opening paragraph to describe my actual intent with this work.  Thank you for your comment though.

      Be well.

  2. Hi i read your whole article. I learn so many kind information from this. I think that it’s very important to have pH balance in our body. We need to know about it and be careful. If there is a high level of pH in our body then it can harm us in many different ways.

    It’s very helpful for us now i am going to share this, thank you.

    1. Glad to have been some help RJ.  My goal with this article was to “debunk” the gossip about the keto diet in how it does NOT make you smelly down below.  

      Thank you for sharing.

      Be Well.

  3. Wow! What will people dream up next? I cannot imagine that someone would even try to put blame on the Keto diet for such a side effect.
    Loved your article! Made me snicker, too!

    1. Thanks Connie,

      I’m glad you got the gist of it, I guess I should have explained myself a little more clearer in the opening paragraph…..none of my other content covers such ridiculous claims but I know it would catch peoples attention lol it did mine.

  4. Hello I just went over your website to see if I offer constructive feedback..I was not familiar with Keto and had to look it up..From what I understand Keto is a diet and this is the title of your post. I thought the overall structure waspretty good.

    I just thought the content was kind of short bu covered diets relating to your topic.You have images and a video which is balance throughout the article. As you read through the content I started to get a feel as to what you were trying to relay to readers, which was things that help control ph levels.

    1. Michael,

      Most of my other content has much more to it than this, this was a reaction to what the new york times and many other magazines are publishing about the keto way of life.  Most people that follow a keto diet or are interested know this is a ridiculous claim but it was to good to pass up.

      I guess some more clarification at the beginning would help.

      Thank you.

  5. This must have been quite the topic to look into! How easy it is for people to try to scare others away from trying to attain better health for themselves. ‘Keto crotch’ is an unfortunate term that is kind of catchy and will cause people to want to read about it just to see what it is. Hopefully with enough people dispelling the concept, it will just bring more attention and interest in this way of eating.

    1. Agree’d Stephanie!

      At first I thought I can’t entertain this thought but then I thought why not, I know the difference and if I can help anyone they attempt to suck in, I will.

      Be well.

  6. Thanks for the post, it was very informative, I have to admit that I have never heard of keto crotch and I had to laugh about the accusation of eating a keto diet would cause yeast infection or a discharge. Keto crotch just sounds like a new hype that will only blow away in time.

    I have never personally tried the keto diet myself, but that’s not to say that I don’t believe in it, my experience is simply that I have heard a lot of people rave about it and that’s proof enough for me that it works, I have always been a firm believer in “moderation is key” but that should go with a carbohydrates diet as well.

    Who is really to say one way of eating is right and another way is wrong, vegans don’t eat meat or dairy products, that’s what they were taught to believe. However, if someone believes in a specific type of diet and it works for them and does not cause any issues with their health, then the diet plan must be a winner, thanks.

    1. Very well said Neil,

      You made me laugh out loud with the “blow away in time” part!!!  I believe it will to and I knew there was no truth to it but there are some that will soak that right in.

      Another bad rep. for the keto way of life.

      Be well and thank you for your comment.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for writing this article about keto crotch. From here we found a great lesson on our normal lifestyle. I think, in our future keto diet will solve many problems. I’m really interested in keto by reading your post. I’ll shear this to my closest person. I will be regular with keto the keto diet.

    1. Hi Irin,

      Thank you for your comment, I hope I cleared up the confusion about what the keto diet does and doesn’t do…it surely does not make you emit any unpleasant odors from our girly areas, nor would it a man for that matter.

      I hope you do start the keto way of life.

      Be well.

  8. This is a subject that is touchy for many people. It seems that such rumors love company, and there are many people that are talking with no basis of fact. Keto crotch is not a thing. I agree with you that if there is something going on down there and it doesn’t smell or feel right, the best thing to do is get some professional advice.

    Too many people latch on to these fallacies and run with them, making it even worse and perpetuating the myth. As you have, I have looked at a number of articles lately that somehow push this as being a problem, possibly with an alternative intent.

    Thanks for publishing a real post in the subject and I hope that many who are looking for the real scoop find their way here. A simple bit of research and critical thinking is very helpful in these days of too much false information that is floating around. You offer doe great advice!  

    1. Thank you Dave,

      I’m glad you appreciate seeing things for what they are, there are many that get caught up with the drama and miss the root of it all.  Thanks for your amazing content.

      Be well.

  9. Hello Amanda,
    This is my first time I hear about KETO crotch as a source of diet we should consider .It looks like an amazing solution to nay looking to control his diet,Thank you for being more informative about this product,most of us I guess don’t know which diet product we can trust , but now with the explanation you just added n your post, most readers will have an idea about this diet and considre to try it.
    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Ok so just to clear this up, this is not the name of the diet “Keto Crotch” that name was an attempt from other people to discredit the Ketogenic Lifestyle. I was explaining how in no way does the Ketogenic way of life give your private parts a distasteful odor. It’s really a ridiculous claim and one from the bottom of the barrel as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for your comment though.

  10. This is great, I wasn’t aware of how our dieting could possibly effect our ph levels which would then have an effect on other aspects, this post is very informative as it provides great content

    1. Thank you,

      My goal was to assure anyone concerned about the keto crotch rumor was just that “a rumor”. Yes our diet changes our pH, but in no way does this way of life cause anyone to have a foul odor. =)

  11. Wow…I didn’t know our diet would have that big of a role or impact on our PH levels.
    Loved this article, very well written and explained thoroughly. I will share this with my girlfriend, she’ll probably enjoy reading it as well. Thank you


  12. Hi Amanda

    Great article made me laugh to myself but really good information thankyou for sharing you really have looked into alot, Really interesting as well i did not know alot of the things that you have written here i am glad to read this thank you for sharing


  13. Oh, Amanda, you are so brave! I think you did an amazing and entertaining job of handling this difficult subject! I had not heard of the term “keto crotch” before but I was here reading about sweeteners and couldn’t resist checking it out. Well done!

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