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I’m sure with all the nay Sayers and skeptics out there, you’ve actually had this thought yourself, is keto safe?  I want to give you all the evidence I have researched and after you get to the bottom of my article you can decide if keto is safe or not.

Science behind keto diet

Through science I can’t say yes the keto diet is safe or even no the keto diet is not safe. Yes, there has been much research and clinical trials but there’s more to it than just that. Nutritional science is a broad spectrum of factors, too many to say for sure yes or no in light of the keto diet being safe.

Every person is different on the inside and each person responds differently to diets or lifestyle changes. A lot of people have underlying health issues they are unaware of, thyroid or hormonal imbalance are a few that come to mind.  The one factor alone could have significant effects on how the keto way of life works, or doesn’t work.


Factors & Circumstance

Many people have slower working metabolisms than others. For an example: To compare my Fiance and myself. His metabolic rate and his energy levels are always through the roof. He will never have to worry about being over weight or having the motivation to get out of bed. Myself on the other hand, if I look at a carb or one granular of sugar I gain five pounds at least. I have to work at staying healthy and feeling good. High energy levels don’t come naturally to me. One of the many reasons I prefer the keto way of life.  I don’t feel restricted or that I’m missing too much.  After getting past the first two weeks I don’t even crave sweets anymore, which is a huge plus.

Another factor of comparing my Fiance and myself is that he is a male and I am female and yes this does make a difference as Men metabolize differently than Woman. Men don’t go through as many hormonal changes as women do, from puberty to our bodies changing and getting ready for motherhood right into menopause.


Why you choose Keto

Everyone’s reason for trying the keto way of life also differs. Some want to lose weight, some just want more energy or motivation to want to get out of bed in the mornings, some would like improvement in mental clarity and some just want to be a healthier version of themselves. Other may choose the keto way of life as preventative maintenance and balance their sugars before they do become insulin dependent.  myself I know sugar is not good for the human body and before it was ever invented the body made use of sugar in other ways like turning excessive amounts of protein into sugar, or too many carbohydrates.  We never needed to add in extra sugar, it is just slowly poisoning our bodies.

Just from being on keto and then falling off for a while I can see a huge difference in how I feel physically and mentally.   My blood pressure went down so I am not medicated anymore, I am not on any anti depressants.   I don’t retain water like I used to, I can focus so much better, I don’t over react in high stress situations like I used to.  I have more energy and even sleep better at night.  When I was eating carbs and sugars I was so sluggish and depressed feeling, every day seemed like  a chore to get through.  As long as I’m strictly following the keto lifestyle I feel 100% better and I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out and enjoy activity and fun with my kids.  Which is something I dreaded before, sad to say but it’s the truth.  So my why, might be different than yours.  Regardless of your reason stay true to the keto lifestyle and it will stay true to you.

I suggest you do your own research and have a consultation with your Doctor, then make your own decision to dive in or not. Another suggestion if you do decide keto is the life style change you need, is to have your Doctor do a complete check up of all your vitals and levels. Then once you have lived the lifestyle long enough to know your in ketosis and reaping the benefits, ask your Doctor to do a follow up of all your vitals and levels. I’m positive you won’t be disappointed.


Smart Decisions

Generally speaking the majority of results on keto are positive, especially when you truly dedicate your life to it.  Just like any other way of living though, you need to be smart about it.

Your not going to feel good if you use all 20 grams of carbs on unhealthy foods.  Then you’ve limited the rest of your daily intake or you’ve gone way over.  Or if all the fat you’ve consumed is bad fats then again your not going to feel good.  This would also be very unhealthy to do and you will not experience any of the many health benefits Keto can offer when done properly.

Be honest with yourself, stay the course and you will see benefits.  Everything in moderation stands true for this way of life as well as most things in life.



There are some skeptics that will tell you, you NEED carbs to live. Through a process called gluconeogenesis we actually can survive without eating carbohydrates. Gluconeogenesis is when the body synthesizes glucose from dietary protein. So anything our bodies may need glucose for, the body knows how to create it.  How do you think we survived years before sugar was invented.

Another misconception of keto is that the keto diet makes you nutrient deficient. My answer to this is that anyone can be nutrient deficient. On any diet or non diet if they don’t eat properly. In fact most people today eating the standard American diet (SAD) think they are the picture of health when in fact I’m sure they are lacking somewhere.

It is certainly SAD that we’ve been let to believe we need all these sugars and carbohydrates all these years when in reality, those very things are causing so many health problems.

As you will see on the keto diet, its challenging finding foods without sugars and carbs. I said challenging not impossible and if your anything like me, it made me concerned that so many foods contain these harmful ingredients. Know what you’re eating, read labels and ingredients lists, what you put into your body is so important. What has been marketed as safe to put in our bodies is actually quite discerning.

So to get back to the nutrient deficiency, yes if you are careless about what you’re consuming I’m sure you will lack in nutrients you need. If your eating sensibly and eat your leafy greens and keto friendly vegetables for your carb intake, moderate protein and high healthy fats you will be fine.



Unless you are diabetic you really have nothing to worry about in this respect. You would have to literally starve yourself for a long time and even then your body would still find a way to create the insulin it needed.  The ketone levels of ketoacidosis are more than doubled the amount we produce when in nutritional ketosis.  So the next time someone frowns upon the keto diet and warns you against ketoacidosis,  you can confidently say unless I am a type 1 or 2 diabetic and my insulin levels are out of control I have not one thing to worry about.

The reason Keto acidosis may occur in a type 1 diabetics is that they don’t produce insulin. They go into a state of starvation and even though they may have glucose int their blood stream they lack of insulin will not allow it to be absorbed into the cells. In this starvation state their body creates ketones from fat and protein, it continues to do this until its at a critical level. This can potentially happen in late stage type 2 diabetics as well but its not as common.

So this state of ketoacidosis is not even possible for someone who is not diabetic and produces insulin even in small doses.  If you are still concerned or worried, put your mind at ease with a ketone tester.  I highly recommend the keto mojo, that is what I use.  Not because I’m worried about ketoacidosis but because I like to make sure I’m still in ketosis and find out what throws me out of ketosis.  Every person is different in their chemical make up, I have learned that different sweeteners have different affects on some people.  So it is a good idea to know for certain what can knock you out of ketosis and what does not.  Having a ketone meter as home is a great way to keep track.

This is not to say diabetics can not follow the keto way of life. They just have to firstly consult a professional and secondly their carb intake would be higher than the 20 grams per day.



My conclusion

We’ve already discussed cholesterol concerns in one of my other articles. I addressed electrolytes and their importance.

I think that this article should put any of your keto concerns at ease. If not please let me know in the comments below, challenge me. Give me another article topic.

Stay smart, be healthy and Keto ON!



32 thoughts on “Is Keto safe?

  1. Good article and I totally agree which you said in this article “every person is different on the inside and each person responds differently to diets or lifestyle changes”. Just wondering, is there an easy possible way to know when your body is in ketosis?

    1. Yes there certainly is. You can measure ketones in your body three different ways, through your urine, the acetone in your breath and by blood. Personally I use the keto mojo, which tests by blood and you get numbers rather than colors. I have a post on measuring your ketones as well and a review of the keto mojo should you choose that route. I dropped the keto mojo link below for you.

      Thank you for your comment,

  2. This whole concept sounds interesting to me because I always like to learn more about dieting. Keto diet seems to be very popular across the internet. I like how you have explained everything in a more scientific way. I will read about it some more. Great website.

    1. Thanks Ivan
      I like to explain it scientifically but at the same time, so you can understand what I’m saying without googling a bunch of terms. I do believe the keto say of life is the future.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Be well,

  3. Hi Amanda, I really like your honest article about the keto diet. Many people online are promoting it as the healthiest diet with no side effects etc, and that may all be well and good for most people but I have personally had a bad experience with it, not once but twice. For me it triggered my depression both times… really bad, so I have always been skeptical of it since. Maybe I should have rode it out for longer to see if it got better, but when you are suffering depression you have to do what you can to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and for me that was stopping the keto diet.

    I like the fact that you actually do recognise that everybody is different and what is fantastic for one person could be bad for another. Really great post!

    1. Hi Stefanie

      I am sorry for your bad experience but like I said not everyone is the same. I am going to do some research on this topic, there could of been underlying issues as well. Like if you were on any other meds at the time, not that you have to tell me but just a consideration. Thank you for your honest comment I do appreciate it.
      I totally understand depression I might add, its an old “friend” of mine as well. Not so prevalent anymore but still tried to rear its ugly head sometimes.

      Take care,


  4. I really enjoyed reading your article. I’m starting my research on keto dieting. However, I have noticed that it’s just as important to cook your own meals rather than eating out. I do find the Keto diet an interesting concept and I also think that there are many benefits to it as you have discussed.

    1. Thank you Nia, It is very important to cook your own foods, but if you do happen to be travelling most restaurants and even fast food places recognize the keto or low carb diet now. So that’s a plus, please let me know if you have any questions.

        1. Thanks Momma,

          You are so right that everyone is different, but sugar is sugar and it is very unhealthy for everyone. Not everyone would commit to this lifestyle but I believe if they chose to, they would not regret the end results.

          Love ya <3

  5. I have read numerous amounts of articles on the keto way of life over the past twelve months – it is something I’ve been interested in but the safety aspect has worried me at times. 

    For instance, I take blood thinners every day for a medical condition – will the keto lifestyle effect this?

    Also I run at least 5 miles every day, will the keto change of diet effect this?

    1. I think you should talk to your Doctor about the blood thinners and wanting to live a keto lifestyle but as far as running 5 miles a day, the Keto change will improve your energy levels.  

  6. Hey there Amanda,

    I was never into dieting – I have a great metabolism, and generally, I don’t need dieting – but the keto diet is very trendy. I became curious about it since I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts and sponsored ads in the past month. I know that it is medical nutrition, high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that was supposed to help to cure child epilepsy. 

    So, why should adults use it? How effective this is?



  7. I’ve heard a lot about keto diet. But I still can’t really understand it. Is it just a diet? Or is it also a lifestyle? After reading your post, I can understand the pros and the cons of it. 

    So, is it for anyone to do on their own? I mean, I just want to loose some few kilos, I am 80kg and want to loose up to 20kg. should I get it from a specific specialist? 

    I think keto diet has some fundamentals that we can adopt in our daily life to improve our health.


  8. Hello, 

    I have never heard about the keto diet before, so I did a bit of research to understand better your article. Then I could understand why people could be skeptical about it. And sometimes people misjudge this alternative diets without knowing nothing about it. After reading this, I learned so much about it and I will definitely check your other posts.



    1. Glad to have educated you on the Keto lifestyle Mariana,  I have covered many topics surrounding this way of life and I have created an article for beginners.  

  9. I am very intrigued by the keto diet and I have read a few articles on the subject of keto. I have recently read an article saying that a keto diet can be very beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis which is one of the reasons I would like to try it. Is keto safe? Adding to this I am happy that you talk about carbohydrates, if you eliminate all carbs then every diet would be very unsafe wouldn’t it. You have created a great argument on why keto can be very beneficial to obtain as a lifestyle. I am looking forward to trying it.

    1. Not unsafe at all, as you can get plenty of healthy carbs from vegetables a natural unprocessed food.  Keto is a great way to reduce inflammation and ease pain from things like arthritis, so yes this would be good for you.

  10. Is the Keto diet safe is a question I hear asked a lot and depending on who you talk to, there are different answers out there… t really comes down to the individual I think at the end of the day. As you mention, every person has their own metabolism, the rate of burn of calories that affects calorie consumption, etc.

    Personally, it can work for me, but I still have to watch and feel what is happening within my body too. I used to run marathons, and there the emphasis was on carbo-loading prior to running them, and in general, I was eating a much higher amount of carbs in those days.

    Today, with age and other health issues, the marathon days are behind me, and I found I had to switch my diet as the carbs were loading alright – loading onto my body as in extra weight. It happened slowly over a couple of years, but when I finally realized it I had gained like 15 pounds!

    That is when I started looking into changing my diet to fit the more sedentary lifestyle and eating the right kinds of foods in the right amounts to help in losing that weight I had gained. The Keto diet can help for that, while keeping up your energy level too, from my experience.  

    One of the many issues that are brought up often by doubters is the ketoacidosis you mention. Like you, I have researched this and think that if you are aware of your body and make sure that you get the nutrition you need in the foods selected, and securing and using a tester will provide further protection, it is not an issue.

    1. It would be irresponsible not to question a life style change or a diet and there are downfalls to every change in diet.  It really comes down to the individual and how badly they want to change their life and if its something that is easy to practice long term.  There is a lot more to keto than just losing weight though and that is something I learned from experience and one of the many reason’s I won’t turn back to sugars and carbs.

      One thing I did not realize until getting into this way of life was that you can get loads of carbs from vegetables, for those people that are weight training or require more carbs to feel fully functional.  

  11. Hi Amanda,

    I honestly find your post very informative. Keto diet seems to be the internet favorite as I’ve seen various posts on it. But, I’m very suspicious about one thing, though I accept with you that everyone is different on the inside and we all react differently to diets. None of the posts I’ve seen have highlighted the effects or disadvantages of keto diet. I won’t mind if you can shed more light on that, if it has any.

    1. Hey,

      You should be suspicious of any lifestyle change and yes I have done an article on concerns, but some other challenges not specified in the article is that not everyone can say good bye to a slice of bread or a bowl of rice.  Yes there are many recipe’s out there to supplement for missing these things but it’s not exactly the same.  I have listed some recipe’s as well like some bread recipe’s and even some desserts to crave your sweet tooth.  

  12. Your article is really awesome.I have benefited greatly by reading your article.I had a desire to know about this for a long time and I got to know about this article after reading this article.And your tips on this issue are really awesome.I really like your honest article about the keto diet. Many people online are promoting it as the healthiest diet with no side effects etc, and that may all be well and good for most people but I have personally had a bad experience with it, not once but twice.Thank you very much for writing your article.

    1. Thank you,

      I do not wish to misinform anyone on the Keto lifestyle so I do much research and have personal experience as well.  People can have a bad experience if this way of life is not done properly, when you go blindly or uninformed into a life style change there is always potential for ill affects.  Its very important to educate yourself before making such a change, a lot of people don’t realize the importance of electrolytes while practicing this way of life.  This is because once adapted you don’t retain the water that holds things like sodium, potassium and magnesium all of which are important for your body.

  13. ,,Stay smart, be healthy and Keto ON! “Sounds like a motto for health: Today, when a lot of industrially processed products are offered, the world is too preoccupied with things other than eating, in fact it is the most important thing to stay healthy, your description seems ok diet, I’ll do research, anyway I care what I eat

    1. Some refer to this as a diet Carmen, I personally like to refer to it as a lifestyle change.  The way I feel alone keeps me dedicated to this way of life, weight loss is just one of the many benefits.   In the past I suffered with depression and anxiety, I was on every kind of anti depressant going but I do not need these meds anymore and I attribute this to the Keto lifestyle.  I also used to be on blood pressure meds and now I do not have to take those anymore and that one is def. contributed to the Keto way of life.  

  14. Thanks for the beautiful write up. I do here of keto and dieting in almost all the health blog, I come across. This will be the first time am going to take my time  to read on keto. I like everything you wrote on keto and how I can know when my body is on ketosis.  This is one of the most amazingly informative and expository things I have read today,,stumbling upon this has made me some more knowledge on diet.

  15. Yes, yes, yes, you’re my kind of girl, Amanda! “Every person is different on the inside and each person responds differently to diets or lifestyle changes” – I wondered if you’re going to mention this. This only proves to me that you actually have taken the time to do the research and try’en understand all the intricacies and details of this matter.

    In truth, if you haven’t said this (as I believe it’s so relevant to the matter) I would have just clicked back. Nutritional science truly is a broad spectrum of factors, so the answers usually are not that black or white as people tend to want everything to be. It’s as they say, one glove does not fit all hands if you get what I mean. 

    Other than that, I really appreciate your take on all this, and I can absolutely relate. For me, it was a much better focus, more energy, and improved awareness. These were the key three I believe was due to Keto. 

    “There are some skeptics that will tell you, you NEED carbs to live.” – Loved the fact that you dismantled this. It’s so important to spread the word about this. At the time, people (with medical training) came up to me and tried to convince me of this same misconception. Luckily I was well-read already. That totally saved me.

    KETO ON!



    1. Thank you Matiss,

      It’s great to get an informed comment =)  So glad you found the value of the this way of life.

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