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A lot of things cause pain, one that is most common is inflammation in this article I am going to tell you about an all natural way to ease your pain.  Many people take anti inflammatory medications for this but what if I told you, you don’t have to.  What if I told you all you have to do is change your diet to ease your pain and alleviate chronic pain.

How to like vegetables

Not many people even like hearing the “diet” word, so let me explain.  When I say change your diet, I just mean for you to cut out the foods that cause inflammation.  Oh, you didn’t know that the very foods you’re eating could be the cause of your inflammation.  These foods that are deemed healthy for us to consume are actually causing a lot of our health conditions and diseases.

So when I say change your diet, this does not mean you can’t enjoy your foods they just need a bit of modification.  For an example;  last night I had a beautifully cooked steak wrapped in bacon and smothered in cheese.  NO, this is not something you should do daily but you also don’t have to restrict yourself so much that you throw in the towel or feel like your missing out.


If your thinking to yourself,  “I just don’t like the taste of vegetables”.  Well you CAN find a way to like them, I have learned so many ways to cook vegetables that create a flavor I never know they could.  One example is slicing brussells sprouts and frying them in coconut oil til they are golden brown.  Mouth watering is the only way I can describe the taste, and if you add in some mushrooms and thinly sliced cabbage.  Season it with some dill, salt and pepper and you’ve got yourself a delectable dish.  Get inventive with your veggies, do some research if you need to.

The Keto lifestyle is up and coming and with all the rage comes new and delicious ways to prepare your food.  Vegetables don’t have to be bland and boring anymore, you can incorporate some tasty meats to compliment your veggies.

On the bottom of this page you will find some ideas for meals, desserts and snacks.  I will be adding more as I create them into my own recipe’s.


Inflammatory foods to avoid

  • processed meats
  • pasta
  • bread
  • most desserts
  • sugary drinks (alcoholic or non)
  • trans fats
  • gluten
  • carbohydrates!
  • sugars! all sugars!

The inflammation process to heal wounds and infection is not what I’m referring to.  I touched base on inflammation in my article “Benefits of the keto diet” now I would like to go into more depth in this topic.  A lot of these things make sense when we think about what goes into our bodies, I know when I first learned of this I had that “ahh-ha” moment.  As soon as I started cutting out the inflammatory foods I instantly saw a difference in the way I felt physically and even mentally.


Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation in general is the bodies response to injury, the body wants to fix and protect whats damaged or potentially damaging.  So when we put something foreign in our bodies, when I say foreign I mean foods that are processed or genetically modified the body sees that as potentially damaging and takes action.  This action is known as inflammation, our body is just doing its job trying to protect us from harm.  Its kind of scary to think that the foods that have been marketed as fit for consumption, our bodies are trying to protect us from.

Some might then say “well thats what ibuprofen is for”.  Well then your stopping the healing process, so now the body can not heal and protect itself efficiently.  I’m sure you can imagine the damage than can occur from all this.  When in retrospect we can prevent all of this with better life choices.

When your body is inflamed it can prevent your digestive track from absorbing essential nutrients, because its inflamed.  Your joints swell and cause pain, your brain can be inflamed and cause brain fog.

Inflammation in any parts of your body for any length of time is a recipe for disaster.  We can’t control what has been genetically modified or processed, but we can control what we choose to put in our bodies.  Progressive inflammation will damage your arteries, vital organs and joints.  If we don’t take control and prevent this it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, alzheimers, chronic arthritis and even cancer.

I’m sure reading this is scary but not as scary as getting that diagnosis some day knowing it could of been prevented.  Take control of your body, treat it as the life sustaining vessel it was meant to be.  I realize that lifestyle changes are hard especially when we’ve lived the same way for years but the end result will be worth it.

For myself I look ahead at the life I want to live with my Children, I am nearing 40, my youngest of three is children is three years old.  I want to live a happy, healthy pain free life for as long as I can.  I want to enjoy whatever time I can enjoying life with my kids and someday my grandchildren.


Feeding Diseases

We do need Doctors that is true but it would be nice to be confident that they really do have your best interest in mind.  What bothers me is that some Doctors are feeding us lies for their own benefit and if you think I’m being paranoid thing again.  I have a book at home by Ken.  D.  Berry, if you’ve never heard of him he is an M.D. (Medicine Doctor).  He wrote a book called “Lies My Doctor Told Me” and his book confirmed a lot of suspicion I already had,  not all Doctors “misinform” us but a lot do.

Click here to get yours

What would happen if a lot of the diseases many of us suffer from was cured or prevented by just changing what we put in our bodies?  Less office visits and if you don’t know this, Doctors profit from each office appointment.  There would be less medications prescribed, less therapy sessions.  Think of all the money we would save and the “professionals” would lose out on, need I say more?

If we don’t feed diseases, in time these diseases that can be prevented will cease to exist.  I realize there are other contributing factors of inflammation but lets just take the steps we can to protect ourselves so our bodies don’t have to.


Preventing Chronic Diseases

Lets go over what we need to do to prevent chronic diseases.  We need to change our eating habits to exclude processed and genetically modified foods.  I have already given you a food list to avoid so now I will provide you with a list that are anti inflammatory and Keto friendly:

Foods with antioxidants

  • garlic and parsley
  • broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower
  • spinach & green leafy vegetables
  • seafood and lean meats
  • liver
  • eggs
  • avocado
  • nuts

There are many other foods that are high in antioxidant but I guess I am trying to paint a picture for you so to speak.  As you have probably guessed the keto lifestyle is very good at preventing chronic inflammation and the foods I have listed are all keto friendly foods.  Not saying that if you were not to eat the keto way it wouldn’t reduce inflammation.  I just know from experience that the keto lifestyle does work.

Click this picture to see how I made this

Conclusively Keto

We’ve talked a lot about inflammation, that is because it causes pain regardless of where it is in the body.  We all would like to live pain free, now that we know what causes pain and what we can do to prevent or manage it we’re on our way to pain free living.  Managing chronic pain doesn’t have to involve expensive medications or the possibility of an addiction.  If we can treat chronic pain with just an alteration in the way we eat and avoid the latter, I think we’re pretty fortunate.  So in short, treat your body well and in turn it will treat you well.

I always welcome comments, feel free to subscribe or send me an email.

Be well and Keto On.

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60 thoughts on “How To Ease Your Pain

  1. I agree that some food can harm your health in order to make your metabolism resistance lower. And in order to be healthy, we need proper food for our body, balanced food.
    That is why people often seek experts to make them a daily diet plan in order to keep them healthier.
    I like how you point antioxidants. I would even add onion and extra virgin olive oil.

  2. I truly love your post Amanda and i do believe you can eat better to ease your pain, i have totally cut out sugar because I have read in the words of a doctor over the internet that sugar is toxic! Imagine that and it is in virtually all foods and all drinks apart from the raw stuff obviously. We need information like this Amanda, and we need yo go back to basics with good old fashioned vegetables cooked in a nice way with a twist as you say with coconut oil. Many thanks Amanda best wishes to you, ann

    1. Hey Ann,

      So glad you have taken control of your own health, I also did an article on how bad sugar is “poison by sugar“. Its sad & scary that its polluted almost every food in the industry.

      Be well

  3. This is a great post about loosing some weights eating vegetables, I have personally tried something similar so I have to to say this is it. You really shed a bright spotlight on what I missed when I tried it. I changed what I put into my body. Great post once again, keep up the good work. 

  4. I can definitely relate to making your vegetables tasty! I grew up in a very “meat-and-potatoes” household and my ability to make vegetables tasty and appealing has been a work in progress since my first days away at college. I actually used to cook vegetables in a bit of leftover bacon grease just to make them more appealing to my brother when we lived together in Austin. Otherwise, I would’ve had to make two separate meals every morning and evening! 

  5. This article is particularly timely. I have a raging headache and legs hurt after a rigorous work out session.

    I like how you encourage people to eat right rather than taking a bunch of pills. I’ll make sure I have a lot of fruits and vegetables, and hopefully my body will get back on its feet.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll try and stay away from aspirin as long as I can

  6. Hi there, thanks for sharing this wonderful ways on how to pain. Just yesterday after work I felt some little pain at my joint and have to take some pains relief pills. But reading your article now, I think I have learnt new ways of taking care of myself even without taking all inflammatory and I will be OK, 

    1. Your welcome I am glad to  have helped you.  I think it was just a week of cutting the carbs and sugars, lots of water and I could see a big reduction in my inflammation.

  7. HI Amanda Blaine,

    After reading your article I have understood some important rules about eating habits and easing pain easily. We are most of the time unaware of taking food and other drinks which is really harmful for our body. I am honestly accept that I some time ignores to follow rules while I am attending party, celebrating any occasion and joining any feast with friends and family members. Now I believe that why my metabolism is going to be weak day by day and some time I feel some kind of pain in my body.  I will try to follow your guideline from now. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

  8. Hello Amanda,

    Thank you for your enlightening article. My husband and I do try to live healthy and being in a foreign country sometimes proves a challenge. I totally agree about not eating processed foods and cutting down on sugar. I love vegetables and will look into some of the interesting ways you mention such as the brussel sprouts. 

    I have not tried the Keto diet but have done similar ones in the past. I look forward to more information like this. Inflammation affects so many of us and it doesn’t have to.

    1. You’re wecome Mary Ann,

      At the bottom of my website you will also see some meal ideas and different ways to prepare veggies, I try to keep adding.  Sugar is a scary thing really…I also did an article on “poison by sugar”

      Be well.

  9. My mom suffered from Chronic Inflammation for a good six month. I wish I came across this post back then. It’s really hard to figure out what to eat to avoid further issue for her.

    To be honest, many medicines don’t really work on inflammation. A healthy diet and enough rest are probably more important for recovery.

    Thank you very much for sharing this informative article. I have learnt a lot and will certainly come back for more.

    1. so sorry to hear about your Mom, thats hard. I do used to suffer from the pain of herniated discs in my lower back but since not eating the carbs and sugars, its rare that it hurts anymore. I try to drink lots of water too and a shot of braggs apple cider vinegar a day.

  10. I have learned over time that I am very sensitive to different foods and that inflammation is my biggest enemy. I have a ton of inflammatory conditions. I now avoid sugar, milk and many other foods. I definitely feel better when I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but I am allergic to some of them as well so it is tricky. I have learned that certain nutrients like zinc are naturally anti-inflammatory. We each have to find what works for us but more fruit and vegetables is always a good start.

    Your Brussels sprouts sound great!

    1. Sorry to hear this Jessica, I hope you can find a safe way to combat your problems. Keto isnt the answer to everything but it’s been proven to help in many ways. I also like to make the insides of cabbage rolls with keto products and it’s very yummy.

      Keep me updated on how your doing.

      Be well

  11. Hi Amanda,

    I agree with your assertions about cutting sugars, particularly processed forms. I have written about sugars and their effects on our digestion and how they can lead to autoimmune disease here

    I think, however, that we can still find carbohydrates (whole grains and fruits) that will not cause inflammation. The problem is that they are so hard to find or incorporate sometimes, especially if we are eating out. But I totally believe in limiting carb intake.
    Thanks for the information!

    1. You’re welcome Alexis.

      I guess since we are all different we all respond differently to carbs. I am someone who looks at a carb and blows up…so I count total carbs as where others might be able to count net carbs. I can eat one slice of bread or go over on my 20 grams and I feel horrible, I start having heart burn and retaining fluid…
      I’ll have to check out your website, thank you.

  12. Thank you for sharing a very informative and interesting article on how to ease the pain. I really enjoyed reading it. I found it particularly helpful information as I have inflammation in one of my ankles.

    I don’t like taking any drugs, I do understand the pharma companies and their drugs only mask the problems with drugs and they don’t want to cure people as they will be out of business if people became healthy!

    I agree with you what we eat is very important and a lot of the illnesses will not exist if we only learn to eat the right things. The challenge is I like the things on your list that should be avoided and it will not be easy to make the changes, however, I think it’s time to make a change and start to look after my health.

    Great site… keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Nick,

      You don’t always have to stick to “lean” although it is the healthier way to go. I treat myself to big juicy steak and pork loin once in a while as well. Fish and seafood is always a good option as well.

  13. Wow! awesome indeed.
    this is my first time reading about “Keto diet”, I guess from what I read from your article, It is simply eating healthy without having to sacrifice our taste buds craving.
    Now I know!
    Anyways, do you have any other mouth-watering healthy recipes you could share with us? Will love to try some more of those.

  14. This was a great article on to read about how our diets can impact our medical health. Especially your points on taking medicines like ibprofen, which unfortunately I am guilty! I was wondering if you have certain food suggestions for thyroid health, as this is my area of concern these days? 

  15. Hey Amanda,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on Easing Your Pain. There was a point in my life when I had this and I visited one of my doctors. The main reason why people get pains in the first place is because they consume too much processed meats and sugars. These aren’t good for your health even if you don’t suffer from any pain. In my opinion, I tend to think that it’s better to put a stop to JUNK and eat real healthy food!

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Amanda!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article and so glad you agree, I wish more could see how easily they could help ease the pain.  Thank you for your kind comment.

  16. Oh, my goodness, you have an ally in me when it comes to suspicion of doctors. Get this: I’ve only had one doctor visit since I was sixteen years old in 2007 and it was only because they required a physical for me to take a certain job. I agree with you 1,000% on this, and while I’ve never read Lies My Doctor Told Me, I would definitely make this my next read.

    I want to tell everyone to take a more common sense approach when it comes to health, and the first step is to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and yes, avoid anything that might cause such inflammation and/or chronic illness. My biggest enemy is big pharma and I’ve seen so many people, even as young as my age of 28, get prescribed pills so a doctor can prescribe them every three months. 

    1. I’m glad you can see clearly Todd, the almighty $$$ rules this world even over common sense.  We need to take care of ourselves b/c no one else is going to do it.  

  17. I love to read blog post on health and any thing related to it. Keto Compulsion is a site I’ll love to visit some other times for quick and wonderful health tips. Easing pains for the body is one thing that everyone would want to know about. This post was helpful in fulfilling and having an idea about it. Thanks

  18. This is exactly the solution. I’ve once been told about vegetables by a local doctor but I never saw it as a relevant suggestion, I am convinced today , and from today henceforth vegetable all the way, I have to say NO to inflammation. This is a good article, I believe it didn’t help just me.

  19. Hi Amanda

    I find that I have this slight occasional pain in my chest and I think that it can be attributed to eating inflammatory foods. In fact I can’t go a whole day without eating sugared foods and I think I need to work on it. 

    I love vegetables, but I love my processed foods better. I will try to take your advice to drop processed foods that are major causes of inflammation and pick up vegetable loving habits. 

    1. I hear many people say they just can’t like vegetables, but there are sooo many ways to prepare them and make them taste good.  For the pain in your chest you should have your Doc. check that out to make sure its not an underlying heart problem.  If not it could be from indigestion which is also caused from unhealthy foods, mother braggs apple cider vinegar helps with heart burn and indigestion.  A couple tablespoons in your water in the morning and at bedtime could help you greatly.

  20. Thanks for writing this article on how to change diet to ease your pain and alleviate chronic pain.i really find this article helpful and I must commend you for taking your time to do your research and finding before writing it. I discover recently that most of the health challenges we have this days is cause by our lifestyle and what we put in our mouth . As bad as it sound I do take Inflammatory foods before I discover how bad it is for my health,as far as I know prevention is better than cure and to live long you need to care for what you eat in general. 

  21. I have carefully read your article and learned how pain in our body is created. I used to drink medicines only if I felt any pain, but after reading this post I came to know how to keep my body free of pain in this matter. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. Hey Amanda,

    I learned a lot by reading your informative article on How To Ease Your Pain. Pain is of many types. Among them the pain caused by inflammation is critical. Due to inflammation can lead to many incurable diseases. Following the keto diet, many of these unexpected diseases can be prevented. And eating vegetables also increases life expectancy as well.
    Thank you so much for the excellent article.
    Best wishes,

  23. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about inflammation and pain.

    From your post it’s obvious that diet plays a large role in the body’s health and that avoiding a lot of the inflammation causing foods can help alleviate chronic pain. I am not a fan of vegetables but I do like the idea you suggested of frying them in coconut oil, everything taste better with coconut oil.

    You also mentioned to avoid carbs and bread, does that include whole grain bread? I heard they’re good carbs, do they still contribute to inflammation?

    1. Yes that includes whole grain bread, you can get all the healthy carbs you need in vegetables and there is always a way to make veggies taste good.  I love to fry my asparagus in bacon grease for an example, sooo good.

  24. I didn’t know that high carb and processed foods contributed to pain. It sounds like one of many reasons to cut back on them. It’s a shame that there isn’t more public awareness of that, but one of the reasons that there isn’t is probably because the drug companies are making so much money off of people being in pain. Although I haven’t had a TV in many years, the main sponsors of the news programs seemed to be drug companies the last time I watched. That’s probably the reason why alternative ways of lowering pain aren’t discussed in the mainstream media.

    1. You are spot on with this comment, if people realized they could control a LOT of their health problems just by changing what they put in their bodies….the drug companies as well as many Physicians would lose out and that is far from what they want.  Why do you think they pollute most of our foods with sugar….its slowly poisoning us all, I didn’t realize the foods that have sugar in them until changing to this Keto way of life.  So many foods that should NOT have sugar in them do…read ingredient lists…they don’t have to list it in the nutritional chart if its under a certain amount.  

  25. I got a lot of pains in my body and these may be because of my poor work style and lifestyle. I sit in front of my computer all day doing online business, and now having severe back ache. Some told me this could be a sign of scoliosis, I am not sure. You mentioned in this article that a good Keto diet can ease some pain so I’d like to know if the pains I am suffering can also be eased? If yes, then I will try your recommendations and will even buy the book you’re recommending.

    1. If a lot of your pain is being caused from inflammation than yes I do believe this would alleviate some of your pain, and I believe it’s always best to try a natural remedy before heading to the pharmacy.

  26. Thank you for this article. I have seen many other articles on the keto diet and to me this one takes the cake. You were very thorough and best of all you did not bash other programs. I agree with you that lots of foods reduce inflammation and we should try as much as possible to include these foods in our diets routinely, and not just when we are at the point of desperation and looking for relief. Most times when we get to that point our focus is on eliminating pain and discomfort right away, and not really dealing with the true problem. This is when we revert to pharmaceuticals to bring us relief. It is therefore very important to include these anti-inflammatory foods in our daily diets. You are doing great work. Thank again.

  27. Hi Amanda, My wife was suffering from tennis elbow/inflammation which caused pain and weakness in her left hand for almost 3 months. She relies on painkillers and anti-inflammatory gel prescribed by our family doctor but doesn’t seem to get better. She also went for traditional massages to ease some of the pain. 

    After reading your article, l feel that we need to change our eating habits and only intake the food that anti-inflammatory and keto friendly. We will consume the food that you listed more to balance our diet and keep our body healthy.

    I have bookmarked your site for reference and thank you very much for this helpful article.

    Thank you.

    Shui Hyen.

  28. I am currently training for a marathon and oh boy the inflammatory is no joke! I will have to check “Lies my doctor told me” out this will be a good read. 

    Luckily, I am from Thailand, we eat to let food be our medicine. I wouldn’t say that it is completely Keto, but most of our meals are always with seafood and greens. I always make a big batch of Thai papaya salad (not the sweet kind but the northeastern style) and have it with a lean protein. I am thinking of trying Keto out but I may have to try Keto after my marathon. I find if I do not eat carbs I have no energy to run. 

    How much carbs can I take on a Keto? Does it have to be from vegetables only? How long did you see the result after eating Keto? Thanks in advance!Cheers!

    1. For the average Keto we consume 20 grams either net or total per day if we are trying to lose weight but if you are trying to maintain you can increase those if they are taken in from healthy sources such as veggies.  You can attain a lot of healthy carbs from vegetables and there are many ways to enjoy veggies.  I originally lost 30 pounds in a little more than 2 months, but the energy and water I was retaining improved with in two weeks of practicing Keto.

      I have a friend from Thailand that has cooked me many meals and I love Thai food, one thing I do miss.  I have found ways to substitute though and still enjoy all of my foods.  Good luck on your marathon.

  29. Thanks for this informative and educative article, I wish it were easy to get rid of all the above mentioned in my diets as unfortunately, they seem to be my main course of meals.

    Each time I try to cut down on the processed food and live a healthier lifestyle, I see my self going back to what I am used to so its really not easy.

    But reading your post and learning that my major source of meals which includes bread pasta and the processed meat, and most especially sugar can actually cause me inflammation, I believe now I have something to motivate me to try and live a healthier lifestyle. 

    I have never liked eating veggies, they fall into the class of food I rarely touch but I love your suggestion on the way you incorporated them with other things to make it more enjoyable

    I will definitely give some of your ideas a try and hopefully help my body to feel better. 


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