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In this article I want to address fat myths and tell you the truth about fat.  Fat is not a bad word anymore nor does fat make you fat, the only one that can make you fat is you and the choices you make.  The keto lifestyle has gotten such a bad reputation about this, but it all comes down to miscommunication.  You can eat fat and lose weight and not to shock you further but you can even eat fat and maintain good health.  So lets dive into these fat myths shall we.

Good Fats ‘vs’ Bad Fats

Just like I spoke about good and bad cholesterol in my article of “Cholesterol and Keto” there are also good and bad fats.  To get more specific I am talking about saturated and unsaturated fats.  Scientifically there is a little more depth I would like to add to this so you fully understand how this works, I am adding this YouTube video as an introduction and explanation of the types of fats we should avoid and the types of fats that are OK for us to eat.

So now that we know the difference in single and double bonded fat molecules we can talk about how this relates to the ketogenic way of life.

In one of my other articles “clean, dirty or lazy” I talked about different ways people use this way of life.  I personally suggest to always keep it clean and you will not have to worry about all that fat making you fat.  Keeping it clean will also keep you from developing any nasty side affects of eating bad fat foods.  If you are considering the ketogenic lifestyle I would dismiss any of the dirty talk and just stick to a clean keto lifestyle, other wise you will not reap all the benefits this way of life can offer you.  I have heard many stories of unhealthy keto lifestyle choices, keep it simple and healthy.  With all the keto craze out there, there are plenty of keto safe products to help you get through any cravings, Check out the link below they offer a lot of keto safe foods, condiments and snacks.



Truth about fat



I know our whole lives we’ve been told in order to live a healthy life or to lose weight and maintain it we must eat low fat or no fat, well this is just not the case anymore.  We were misinformed and the truth scares a lot of people until they educate them selves in why we were mislead.

Recent studies have proven the opposite of what has been preached at us for years.   Our bodies need a certain amount of fat and unlike sugar our bodies can not make fat on its own.


Why we need fat

Fat gives us energy especially when practicing a keto way of life.  It also helps to protect our organs and to keep us warm.  Fat helps us to produce hormones and in my article “why is keto not working for me”  we found out just how important hormones are.  Fats even help us to absorb certain vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K.  Fats also help our brains function more efficiently, doesn’t sound like such a bad word now does it?

Life in general is all about balance and moderation.  When you take the time to learn about fats its easy to see which ones we should be consuming and that are not only healthy but necessary.

In regards to the Ketogenic lifestyle fat works to satiate us, to make us feel full.  So we don’t over eat or over indulge in unhealthy non keto foods, it curves cravings and keeps us satisfied until the next necessary meal.  It also gives us the energy we need to get moving and be more active so we end up burning more calories in the end.

Others may want to try cheating and live the dirty keto way but I highly suggest against this.  Stick to your healthy unsaturated fats and you will see what all this keto hype is about.

I am adding a list of some good fat foods to start with:

  • fatty fish like salmon & mackerel
  • olives & olive oil
  • peanut oil
  • nuts & seeds like almonds and cashews
  • avocado & avocado oils

I have to admit when I first started the keto “diet” I was ecstatic to think I could have bacon, cheese and steak.  I really thought it was too good to be true and that is the deceiving part about this way of life, if you’re doing it properly you can have those things but not every day.  Moderation is key as I quickly realized eating these foods daily is not healthy and could possibly cause me problems down the road.

Its like for an example comparing an avocado that has about 15 grams of good fat and a slice of pie that has about the same in bad fats.  If we compared two people, one eating the avocado and the other eating the slice of pie.  I’m sure the outcome would clearly speak for itself, our bodies utilize these different fats in completely different ways.


Fat facts – the “F” word

I would like to add in some back up for what we have just talked about, some proof to the pudding so to speak.  I have done some of my own research and when you do your own you will find a lot of the same facts I’m about to inform you of.  If anything my goal in this article is to educate you on the truth about fat in general and how it relates to the keto lifestyle.  We don’t need to fear fat anymore and we don’t need to be starving ourselves trying to either lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There was a study done by a man named Kevin D Hall Ph.D comparing the consumption of carbs to the consumption of fats and found that the people who ate more fat burned over 100 calories more per day than the people consuming carbs.

Dr.  David Ludwig MD  Ph.D  suggests a better weight loss strategy is to reduce carbs.  He explains that when we eat processed carbs such as grains, potato products and sugars the body produces more of the hormone insulin.  Many people don’t realize that insulin is in fact a hormone and producing too much insulin forces our fat cells to store that fat.  Stock piling these fat cells leads to us feeling hungry and if we eat less in this state it slows our metabolism.

Dr.  Ludwig goes into more detail on these fat facts in his book “Always hungry” if you would like to know more.

In a Harvard study conducted in 2018 it concluded that low carb high fat diets are superior to low fat high carb diets for weight loss.  This study took 234 over weight adults ages 18 up to 65 with a body mass index of 25 or higher and put them on higher carb low fat diet and then a low carb high fat diet.  In the study of higher carb content 164 of them lost 10% of their body weight.  The lower carb high fat diet results proved that they burned 209-278 kilo calories a day MORE than when on the high carb low fat diet.

I recently have stumbled across a couple of Doctors who also not only promote but lived this lifestyle and are proof it does work.  They are Two fit Docs, Dr.  Becky who studies in the science of nutrition and Dr.  Keith who is a chiropractor.  These two Docs. have tracked Dr.  Keith’s progress and obstacles all based on science and research.  I am going add in the link here so you can watch his transformation for yourself:

truth about fat


The end result for this study proved a low carb high fat diet achieves more weight loss than a high carb low fat diet, a better strategy for losing weight would be to ignore the calorie intake and focus more on lowering your carbohydrates.

Fat is not a bad word

The studies I have mentioned above are only a few that I have added in that have proven you can eat fat and lose weight, there are many more studies and real life testaments of this.  I have personally spoken to quite a few success stories and I hope to be one of them as well.  I know it works because I did initially lose almost 30 pounds myself and then fell off the keto wagon a couple times, I hated the way I felt and I’m faithfully back on again.

Fat is not a bad word, it will not make you fat as long as we are eating good fat foods and keeping our lives balanced.  Yes, you can have that fat steak and treat yourself to some bacon and cheese in moderation.

Taking out fat and replacing it with sugar was setting us all up for failure and more than we were signing up for in some cases.  If you take the time to do your research or even give it a trial run to see for yourself, you will understand that good fats do not make you fat.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and as always I welcome any comments or questions.

Be well and Keto On!

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78 thoughts on “The Truth About Fat

  1. This is an interesting article about fat, the topic really caught my attention. Before going through this post I never knew there are good and bad fat, from other sources I was meant to realise all fat are bad. This is really an eye opener and I think I’m gonna keep a tab on website for now. Really helpful and educative post. Keep up the good work. 

    1. I’m glad I caught your attention, the keto lifestyle is getting a lot of negative attention so it’s good to spread awareness.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.

  2. Thank you for this informative post. I love avacados, but what stop me from eating one everyday is that they are high in “fats” and calories. Although I know about good fats and bad fats, this article helps clear things up more about the good fats. I’ll keep in mind that even if I hit my calorie intake goal of the day, I should concider the amount of bad fats. No more donut diet for me.  I heard about keto diets but never really searched myself. Now I’m thinking about trying it out as I do need to lose 40lbs

    1. You’re welcome Shelley,  

      Never heard tell of a doughnut diet but yea I would suggest against that one lol.  I hope you do try the keto lifestyle, keep me updated on how your doing.  Thanks.

  3. Great article! I’ve been doing Keto for 9 months and have lost 50 pounds. I was like you in the beginning, I was eating cheese almost everyday and bacon. Then, as I did more research, I started to find the “healthier fats” and have been continuing my weight loss.

    We’ve learned from such a young age about “fat is bad” and I’m sometimes still catch myself thinking that way until I remember how I lost all my weight. 🙂

    What is your favorite healthy fat? Mine, for sure, is avocado.

    Thanks again for a great, interesting article. I’m going to bookmark your site to check back for new articles. 

    1. Thank you and congratulations!  My favorite fat is avacado as well, I think green olives are a runner up though 🙂

      Keep up the good work, keto on.

  4. Thank you for this article. I am aware of the Keto diet and have heard from my Naturopath, that eating organic and natural fat is good for me. I have weight and health issues, and I am bordering on having arthritis. 

    I have always been afraid of trying the Keto diet probably because I thought it was quite a restrictive diet. I come from Tonga and realise that our people have always been natural fat eaters, until the influence of the Western world. For example: avacado was our “butter”, fish brain is a specialty, coconut oil was everything and we ate a lot of nuts.

    I grew up in New Zealand, but can see how accurate your information is. In fact, your post has encouraged me to give Keto diet a try and to go back to eating “good” fats to improve my health.

    1. Your welcome, I’m glad to hear it inspired you.  Fish brain…sounds interesting, I would try it.  Let me know if you need any guidance.  I think Tonga is on the right track 😉

  5. Nice, I took a nutrition class in college and I was surprised to find, doctors have taken many classes to be doctors but they never take even one class on nutrition. I believe many people are living in pain and dealing with health issues, that can be solved with the proper diet.

  6. Alright now. I am not at all familiar with the keto diet.I had heard studies which showed that people eating the “Mediterranean lifestyle diet” lived a longer and healthier life!I am definitely intrigued.I studied nutrition in my younger days primarily because my father died at the age of 55 and my mother at the age of 50.Both had terrible diets. They also consumed a lot of alcohol.I did learn early on about fiber. Lack of fiber actually killed my father. Colon cancer which actually spread through his whole body was the cause of his death.I will have to do some more research on your website about the Keto diet.I do know that there are many myths concerning diet. I know margarine is horrible for you.Have you been on this diet?I would like to know.

    1. Hey Tom,

      So sorry to hear of your parents passing at such young ages.  You can still get the fibre you need living a keto lifestyle and yes I do follow it myself.  The way I feel alone keeps me going back if I stray, once your body is adapted it is amazing how much better you feel.  

      I never eat margarine, ants won’t even eat it.

      Take care Tom and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

  7. So I recently started looking for ways to lose a little weight and found your website about the keto diet.  I had never really bothered much about the way I eat or anything until recently I quit smoking and gained over 20 pounds and can’t fit into my clothes anymore.  I couldn’t stand the thoughts of going on a diet taking away my favorite foods altogether, so I will give this a try since I can have them in moderation Thanks!

    1. I am sure this diet will prove to be the one for you.  Please feel free to email or comment with any concerns.  Congrats on quitting smoking by the way.

  8. Hello Amanda,  Great job on your website.  This website represents my introduction to keto and the Keto lifestyle.  I did not know before, anything about  keto and what it relates to, so this article is definitely an informative one. Interesting reviews on Ketologic.  Can you publish the pros and cons? Thank you for making this article public. Keep up the good work.

  9. Very interesting article. I remember when I was a teenager my father who was a General Practitioner decided to cut out butter and went on to 0% fat milk (it tasted like water). He was a big man (over weight) and died from a heart attack. Which proves that the low cholesterol diets really didn’t work. It would be interesting to see how the Keto Diet works

  10. Finally, someone to clarify that carbs are the main “enemy”. I’m a fitness trainer and I talk about certain foods or diets that could be healthier choice for individuals. Usually people in my class take me seriously, but when I told them about difference between eating fats, proteins and carbs, a lot of them didn’t believe me!
    I’m glad you are encouraging people to do their own research as well. And I feel that your website is a great start. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your diet!

    1. Thanks Marija,

      I’m happy you appreciate my dedication, its hard for people to adjust when they’ve been lied to for so long. I think the best way for people to understand is to find out for themselves or do the research. I hope to add in some testimonials of people that have had much success in this lifestyle soon.

      Thankyou for your comment.

  11. Hey Amanda
    This website is great and very informative. I never really understood the keto diet but maybe now I’ll dig a little deeper and try it out.

  12. Hi Amanda,
    Great article. I have been interested in the Keto diet for quite some time. So good that you point that out. Yes, because not all fats are bad fats. In fact we need those good ones. Thank you for sharing
    Warm regards

  13. Fats are essential for our body – no fat – we die! end of story. Even cholesterol – much needed – even for weight loss!. It is the excess cholesterol and the wrong type that is bad for our health. Even at that, cholesterol is only a fat based protein of varying density, a lipoprotein of low and high density. No Cholesterol means no hormones, low cholesterol = poor production of hormones certain hormones like testosterone, which decline after about the age of 30 aid in building lean muscle and reduction of body fat.

    Great article.

    DerekWA – returning comment

  14. Hi Amanda
    I’ve done a good bit of research on fats myself, and I agree with your position that not all fats are bad, in fact the micro-nutrient amino-acids and omega-3s fatty acids are essential for human health, and any deficiency in them leads to many poor health issues. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Do people these days still think that fat makes them fat? It’s crazy how the rumor started! I personally don’t do keto, but I do practice intermittent fasting which also teaches you to use fat as fuel and help enter ketosis. I’m a big supporter of how keto works for people though, something I’ve done on and off depending on my current lifestyle. Love this article and your site!

  16. I knew there were good and bad fats BUT it has never been explained to me how the whole cycle of fats and carbs work in our body. Your article has given me a lot of clarity. I also totally agree with you.

    This is because I went on some nutritional supplements and then after a week I started reaching for olives, avocados, cashews and mackerel. I suppose, when a body starts getting healthy it will also crave for/select or rather want healthy foods.

    Now that I know why I want those foods I will keep eating well.

    I like how you wrote, ‘the F word’ Lol! That will make me forever remember your article – ‘Fat does not make you fat’

    I have heard about the keto diet but never fully understood what it means. Now I have an idea of what it is. Thanks to you.

    Thank you for the wonderful article. I think this is a turning point in my life.


    1. Aww thanks Danielle,

      That means a LOT! Your body knows all to well what we need to so yes we will crave what the body needs…..always listen to your body, eat when your hungry stop when your full…that kinda thing..seems like common sense, but it wasn’t for me years ago. I hope you recommend my site to your friends. =)

      Be well.

  17. I totally agree with your comments that fat is not a bad word. Eating fats can make us smarter as it powers the brain. I have to say I really felt my best when I was on Keto and this article has encouraged me rediscover the Keto lifestyle.

  18. So fat is not the “enemy” so to speak. This was a pretty cool article and have given up on trying diets and well I got fat now 30lbs over what I want to be. My cousin did this diet and she lost all the residual fat from having her son. I guess it’s time to start the Keto Lifestyle and see what happens. Thanks for the information and getting me the motivation to actually do it.

  19. Hi Amanda,
    Great info here! My daughter tried the keto diet and it worked great (for the time she stayed on…LOL).
    I’ve thought of this but don’t believe it would be good for my husband. He has artery problems near his heart, and the surgeon says to keep fats down.
    Do you know anything about this?

  20. Huh, interesting to be honest I didn’t even knew there was a good fat haha, when people say ”fat” they always try to scare other people, if you know what I mean… but it’s good to read thigs like this because we learn something new all the time, one more thing I learned about keto as well!

    1. Many things we think we know because we are taught that way that turn out to be untrue, like sugar for example.  Sugar is slowly poisoning us all and causing many disease’s, I’ve written an article called Poison By Sugar as well outlining the many problems it creates.  I’ve also written an article on Cholesterol and Keto as this is another concern people have eating fat but little know that there are also good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

  21. Thanks for writing this article on fat does not make you fat. I find it so full of information and educative things I need to know about both bad fat and good fat. All I know in the pass is that fat is bad makes one fat and it must be remove completely in other to achieve weight loss as far as keto is concern.reading this article I really find it enlightening on what I should know about all this fats. I have been practicing keto for a while now and it has been working for me

    1. Hey,

      It will continue to work for you as long as you work it properly.  Even if I never lost anymore weight I would still practice this way of life solely because of how good I feel compared to living any other way.  My goal is to lose more weight but the Keto lifestyle is not just about losing weight, it has many other benefits as I discuss in my article “Benefits of the Keto diet

      Thank you.

  22. I’ve always thought that all fat is bad and that all fat will make you fat until I read this article. Since I heard that fat will make you fat and from there you stand a chance of suffering from high blood pressure, I had to cut down on my meal and also on the meal of everyone in my family.

    Maybe I’ll need to do more research on this and also meet a nutritionist to get more explanation on this area. Thanks for being an eye opener 

    1. Most definitely Sammy,

      Another thing to watch out for is sugar, it is slowly poisoning us if you have time take a look at my article “Poison By Sugar” as well as “Cholesterol and Keto“.   They all kind of go hand in hand and you will be very well informed when you go see your nutritionist.

  23. So glad I came across your website. Very interesting post. I have always known about good fats and bad fats. However, avocados have always been eaten in my household no matter if you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight. Our bodies needs it as well and many people do not know the difference. I’m glad I read your post and thank you for your detailed post on the “F” word. 

  24. You have mentioned Avocado as a good source of good fats. I love eating this fruit too, but the problem is, it’s a seasonal fruit and oftentimes hard to find. Of course, there are nuts as you have mentioned they are good sources of unsaturated fats. But what else can you suggest? I don’t like eating nuts as it makes my skin particularly my face oily. With regard to oily fishes and mackerels, we have plenty of supply here. But can you suggest of other good sources of good fats preferably from plants?

    1. Hey Gomer,

      Other sources of good fats are cheese, whole eggs, olives and olive oil, coconut oil, real butter and even dark chocolate.  You can get a lot of healthy carbs from vegetables but unless you add an oil or butter to your veggies I’m not aware of many that have it naturally.

  25. Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing this great post. You have painstakingly brought to our notice the importance fat in our diet. I do know that there are good and bad fat and it is bad fat that tend to cause unhealthy weight gain.

    I mean our body needs fat, albeit a clean good fat, if not so, fat wouldn’t have been included as one of the necessary nutrients in the balanced diet. Thanks for demystifying the f word, fat.

  26. Amanda, your post is shocker! Fat does not make you fat, can be deemed as a disturbing contradictory statement. 

    But, you went all out, to prove yourself right. Earning yourself some followers as you went. 

    I like the idea of the keto diet, keeping one too full, to eat anything else, until it’s necessary. That’s an intelligent way of keeping fit. 

  27. Hello Amanda, thanks for putting up your time to write this article. This article made me to know about good fat and bad fat. My overall believe is every fat are bad not knowing some good fat serves as energy in undergoing the Keto program. This article is an eye opener and very resourceful. Thanks for the insight. Best regards

    1. You’re welcome Adam,  I’m glad I could educate people on the difference in good and bad fats as there is also good and bad cholesterol.  Many do not know that either my article “Cholesterol and Keto” kinda goes hand in hand with this information on fat.

  28. I love your article and feel like so many Keto diets promote bad fat and really to get the real benefits you need good fat!  My sister started Keto a month ago and it has been so interesting watching her journey.  She was super overweight and had high cholesterol and lost a lot at first and now she is in ketosis it has slowed down but she feels so good that it makes me want to try it!  She has had to focus a lot on the good fats because of cholesterol.  The one thing that very few people talked about was net carbs to and she learned that a week into her journey.  It is the one diet I think about trying because the food is still so good and flavorful and not bland at all!  

    I was always so scared of all that fat but the more I research and read your article I totally get it and realize there is a super healthy way to do Keto!  Thanks for clarifying it in language I can understand!  She is going to love this info!  

    1. Your so welcome Carla and I hope you all the success in keto….to each their own with net and full carbs but for me personally I do total carbs because I seem to be sensitive to too much in general.  Everyone is different though and they will respond differently.

  29. Good evening Amanda,

    The keto lifestyle really changed my way of life. Today’s reviews about Fat are just as great as the rest of others. There was a common idea among many of us that fat isn’t good for the body; there are many diseases causes by fat. But after reading this review, the wrong idea completely changed. In addition, Dr. David Ludwig’s suggestions are also valuable.
    Thanks a lot for the info-rich reviews with beautiful videos. I share the reviews with my friends as well. And request you to write such useful writings in the near future.

    1. I certainly will take your advice as well, I have written many article so far on educating people about diet and healthy ways to live along with many misconceptions.  Thank you for your kind comment.

  30. The process of weight loss is not one to joke with and the keto is for me a better and convinient way of getting rid of body fat. I have a sister who struggled with weightloss and tried all sort of exercise and all but all to no avail not until she tried keto and in few month she begin to loose weight. Keto is for the most convenient and easiest way to burn fat

    1. I personally think Keto is running your body at an optimal level and anyone who gives it an honest go would see that as well.

  31. Hello Amanda Blaine,

    This is such an incredible and nice article about fats. First i will admit that i had no idea that their are good and bad fats, all i knew was all fat is bad! Wow, thanks for opening my eyes and educating me on this. I love avocados and seriously, Keto is worth a try and soon am going on keto lifestyle for sure.

    Yours Fatumah

    1. Glad to hear it and I was like you too, before I didn’t realize the big difference between good fats and bad fats…and the first thing I hear from people is but what about my cholesterol.  So of course I wrote a very informed article on “Cholesterol and Keto”  =)

  32. Wow, I have been avoiding fat all this while thinking it is harmful to my health not knowing that I could actually enjoy my fat and still be healthy . I have heard so many strange things about eating fats that got me scared but reading this article and watching the videos I am now knowledgeable on the subject of fat to some extent and now know what to take in and not to take in . Thanks so much for this educative write up

  33. ‘Fat does not make you fat’. Interesting and informative article. In a discussion about the topic. I understand that all your listing are sober and accurate. I am taking myself as an example.

     Years ago I was eating healthy fats my weight was down between one thirty and one thirty-five pounds. I changed my eating habit to suit my friends and began to eat more Carbs as they do.

     My weight moves to two-thirty-five pounds. With all the exercise I could not regain my former size until I returned to eating less to no Carbs and more healthy fats.

     I will share your post with many who do not believe that it is the change of diet that helps me to reduced weight and regained health


  34. I have been following Ketone diet for several years. I find that it’s hard to get away from all the carbs that are available in our society today. The best I can do on my own , is to: restrict my diet to eggs, avocados, and black coffee. Salads are great if you have a dressing (like a spoonful of sugar helps..). The cost of some of the foods that I rely on are fluctuating in price as I eat several walnuts and almonds to stave off hunger from carbs. I can’t afford salmon and steak in my diet without breaking my budget.

    I like your website. I am going to look at it again and recommend it to my sister. She is excited about ‘Keto’ diet or it may be a help to me knowing people who can address their crazy food addictions. I hope you go on and be a comrade for the out of control masses in the world of near-healthy consumers.


    1. Hey George,

      It is hard to maintain your health on a budget and not to sound to paranoid but i think this is done on purpose.  Just a piece of advice, fat will make you feel fuller longer which you probably already know.  I think that is why a lot of people have their “bullet proof coffee” but it doesn’t just have to be in coffee, I used to make my own bone broth from left over bones, added some veggies for flavor and then add your fats to that whether it be real butter, MCT oil, or coconut oil.

      Some full fat ranch dressings are OK as long as you’re not over doing it, just keep track of what you’re putting in.  It is important to get your veggies in though as they contain a lot of the minerals and vitamins you need.  You don’t want your electrolytes to get low because this will affect your health in a not so healthy way.  I’ve written an article on “The importance Of Electrolytes” everyone on Keto should read and be careful of.

      Keep it real and Keto on my friend.

  35. Well, after coming across this article title in my Google search, I just had to give it a read! 

    I was always under the impression that all fats were bad for you, regardless of this ‘good and bad’ angle. I was also under the impression that all fats should be avoided if possible when you are attempting to lose weight. 

    I regularly eat peanuts and use olive oil in cooking, do you think these two alone could be enough to aid a keto setup?

    1. To get into ketosis you need to eliminate sugars and high carb content, limit your carbs to about 20 grams per day, but yes peanuts in moderation and olive oil are healthy fats.  I have an article for beginners as a guide to starting this way of life that may be helpful for you.

  36. Your Website has a lot of information directed towards anyone interested in the health of their body. The most impressive part of your website is the number of reads, ads, and ideas that will keep customers on your page. I have liked to read on these subjects for many years, and thoroughly enjoyed your site.

    When I view “Keto Compulsion” as a critic, I am challenged to find fault. This site is very nicely designed, has soft tones, and is generally pleasant to visit. I say keep up the good work, stay with your formula.

    Best regards,

    Mark Morlock 

  37. Fats not only help to replenish the body’s energy stores, but are also used for key body functions like blood clotting, fighting infection and regulating inflammation, 

    plus maintaining a healthy heart rate and blood pressure as well as some fats having a definite  impact on brain health, 

    Thank you for sharing this important article

    1. You’re very welcome, its important to understand why your body needs fat and that the right type of fat will not hurt you and we actually need it.  So many people are afraid of the Keto way of life because of the “F” word….but they don’t understand that it’s not a bad word anymore.

  38. This article was very informative. I have of course heard of the Keto “diet” (I thought it was just a diet, not a lifestyle), and have a good friend who tried it and did lose weight. I was skeptical though, because like many people, I had Fat-aphobia!

    I’d heard and read all those fat terms (saturated, unsaturated, transfat, polyunsaturated etc.), but never really knew what they meant. I really do appreciate you explaining all this stuff, especially about good fat and bad fat, and how we really need to reduce the carbs we eat. I have another friend who is a diabetic. She told me carbs were defintely a no-no for her. Is this a good lifestyle choice for a diabetic?


    1. Hey Sue,

      Glad to hear this has opened your eyes to the real Keto lifestyle and yes this would def. be a good lifestyle choice for a diabetic.  My advice though if she should choose this is that she talk this decision over with her Doctor first so he/she is aware of the diet change.

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