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I bet a lot of you like me wonder why it seems Men lose weight faster then women do on a keto diet.  In this article on comparing the sexes I am going to explain why this might be happening and if there is anything we can do about it.

In all of my articles I like to have a bit of science to back me up.  So as far as research goes the only study comparing male and female results on a keto based diet was done in mice.  They compared male and female mice, one group eating a keto diet (75% fat, 8% protein & 3% carbs) and the other controlled group eating 7% fat, 19% protein and 47% carbohydrates.

The conclusion over a 15 week period was that estrogen plays a big role in the effectiveness of a successful keto diet.  I normally don’t let mice or rodent testing weigh my opinion too much as they are not human and I am unsure about what types of fats they were feeding them.  So I’ll tell you what I do know for sure about human men and women.


Women On Keto – contributing factors



Women are naturally more complex than men in so many ways,  we are run and controlled by hormones.

A study done on 18,555 women showed that high amounts of carbohydrates greatly reduced fertility by 78%.  Most cases of infertility is linked to hormone imbalance

Polycystic  Ovarian Syndrome

Another study on 11 women that had polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS showed that eating a keto diet or low carb (20 grams or under daily) over six months reduced their body weight by 12% and a reduction in testosterone by 22%.


This is when the body has low progesterone (sex hormone), less ovulation frequency and lower estrogen levels.  It also results in an increase of insulin as well as the hunger inducing hormone called grehlin.

When you combine all of these factors you can see how a woman who is either on the way to menopause or experiencing menopause would have a much harder time losing weight than that of someone who is not going through menopause.

The Keto diet however suppresses that hunger inducing hormone resulting in less caloric intake.  We also know that higher levels of insulin can cause inflammation as I discuss in my article Benefits of a Keto diet.  As a result of reducing inflammation it helps us with brain fog as it reduces the inflammation in our brains.


As I spoke about the thyroid in my article Why Is Keto Not Working For Me, thyroid also plays a big role in keto responsiveness.  So it’s very important to have your levels checked and to know what specific tests to request.

One thing women can do to help support thyroid function is to eat foods high in iodine such as:

  • Codfish
  • Shrimp
  • Tuna
  • Lobster
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Watercress
  • Seaweed
  • Strawberries

Another thing women can do to optimize the effectiveness of Keto is to slowly ween into the lifestyle change.  For women it can cause more unpleasant symptoms while adapting if they dive into the the diet quickly.  This is because it is too drastic of a change for the hormones and can actually set you behind, I would suggest slowly taking away sugars and increasing your fats over a two week period.  Another word of advice for women is to wait until your adapted and have reached ketosis before implementing intermittent fasting.


Men on Keto


Men are hormonal too but not quite as complex as women.  So they have less symptoms if they dive right into cutting sugars and lowering carbs.  Men don’t experience hormonal problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or menopause but they can have a thyroid imbalance.

A study done on 12 male subjects for six weeks on a Keto diet compared to a control group of eight males showed that the male subjects on the keto diet lost 3.4 kgs of fat.  Their insulin leveles were reduced and their T4 thyroid hormone increased but this did not affect the T3 levels, another reason I stress the importance of requesting specific thyroid levels in my article Why Is Keto Not Working For Me.


In Comparison

My conclusion is yes, Men lose more efficiently on a keto diet and this is because they do not have as many contributing factors or obstacles to overcome as women do.  So comparing the sexes, men definitely win at progression faster than women but that is not to say women can not catch up.

Although there are many more contributing factors that can compare the difference of progression between the sexes on a keto diet I believe these are the most prominent.  This article is not to say Men or Women are better than each other in any way, this is just to compare the differences on why Men seem to lose weight faster than women on a Keto diet.

As always I welcome your comments, questions or suggestions, your opinion matters to me.  Please leave me your opinion of this article in the comment section below and feel free to share.

Be well and Keto on!


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  1. I love your web site. I, myself have given a thought about getting on a Keto diet. I like the fact that your web site is precise and very detailed. I will definetly bookmark your page and come back to it and follow your suggestions. Keep up the fantastic work and look forward to what else you may add to your site!

  2. It really isn’t fair, is it? Every diet that I’ve tried, this has been the case. I lose weight much faster than my female counterparts. It is in the public eye on the show, The Biggest Loser, where the men always lose more than the women.

    It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much science on how the keto diet works between the sexes. That being said, you provide a lot of interesting data on how this diet affects hormones and the vast differences between the sexes.

    I wonder if there is some sort of supplementation that women can do that will help with hormones and weight loss while eating keto.

    1. Well Jerimy,

      Women can take exogenous ketones and this might help them catch up but my opinion on this, is why spend your money on something you can create naturally.  I have not tried them but a lot of women do and say the difference makes a difference.

  3. When I read an article about studies carried out on non-human specimens, I am usually skeptical. I am glad you also noted this. Just like you noted, men’s body and those of women react differently to hormones.

    It is quite amazing to see that actual human studies have been carried out to test the effectiveness of keto diets on weight loss for men. I have read about keto diets a lot but haven’t paid much attention to them because I wasn’t sure they work.

    I have recently noticed a little increase in my waistline, and would like to go on a keto diet to see what results I can experience too. Since I have eaten carbohydrates every single day for the past 30 years will going on a keto diet not result to hypoglycemia? 

    1. No this will in fact improve your chances of becoming hypoglycemic…You will have a bit of side affect transitioning your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar or carbs but once adapted you will feel great.  Some side affects you may experience I have detailed in my article on Keto Concerns.

  4. Comparing men and women on a keto diet is nor a profitable exercise, as women have estrogen and progesterone problems,as well as thyroid and don,t take too quickly to the keto diet, they have to move gradually into it,

    Men do not have these,type of problems,but can suffer from thyroid imbalance,so they can get right into the keto diet,so time wise men generally, will lose weight more quickly.

    To combat thyroid deficiencies, we need to eat foods high in iodine, such as tuna, eggs,cheddar cheese,and strawberries.

    One should not begin any fasting, until well into the keto diet,as this can cause problems if you start fasting too soon.

  5. Thanks for this very interesting page on the differences between men and women on the ketogenic diet. 

    I’m very curious if you could research and comment on whether the ketogenic diet works as well for male as for female epileptic patients. 

    Perhaps you’ve already addressed this, but I searched your website, which is quite comprehensive, and I could not find the information. Many thanks in advance, Phil

    1. Very good question Phil and no I have not researched that specifically but it sounds like a good article, thank you for that =)

  6. I totally know where you are coming from with this article, I have no thyroid gland anymore and have to take a thyroxin supplement, I am also going through the menopause so two factors there make it difficult to lose weight.

    However, I do a physical job and eat a healthy diet which are two factors to counteract the weight issue.I have a good balance of all that is involved I think.

    I wasn’t aware of some of the foods you mentioned being high in iodine, I’ll add them to my list of which foods to eat more off, luckily i enjoy most of them so just need to eat more.

    1. It is hard to combat influences many of us can’t control but it sounds like you have a good handle on things.

      You’re welcome.

  7. I like your article because you described many thing that I did not know and it was a good eye opener.

    However, my personal view is that I tend to believe that losing weight is not quite gender dependence. There are many factors to weight gain or lost apart from the type of diet and all the factors that you described. There are other factors such as metabolism rate, blood sugar level fluctuation and even the weather. Occupation also could make a difference, men tend to do more laborious work than women, hence naturally men would burnt away more calories than women while both are taking the same kind of diet, hence giving an illusion that men lose weight faster.

    On the whole, it’s still a great article and I enjoy reading it. Thank you.

    1. There are many other factors but I believe the one’s I outlined are the most prominent.  Blood sugar levels I might add is controlled on a Keto based diet.

  8. This was a most informative article. Thanks for the list of foods that help thyroid function. I will definitely be eating more of these.

    It’s really unfair that men lose so much more easily than women. Women generally have to work twice as hard. I think as well as the hormones, it is also the fact that men have far more lean muscle which burns more calories when they are at rest.

  9. Wow. I love comparing things a lot. Thanks for the post, it’s really a good, informative and educative post. To be honest, I always thank God for creating me as a male lol because I’m kinda scared about the hormonal imbalances in females. I’m definitely going to send this post to my friend, he really need the keto based diet. I’ll definitely check and read more about keto more often. Thanks. 

  10. Hello, Amanda Blaine. This is really a knowledge added article! Over the years am also part of the great population that know when you mention the keto diet, that it is for weight loss weight faster between women and men on a keto diet. But I also understand the fact that Men lose more efficiently on a keto diet and this is because they do not have as many contributing factors or obstacles to overcome as women do.  So comparing the sexes, men definitely win at progression faster than women but that is not to say women can not catch up. I really understand while my dad lose weight faster than my mom while using kept then. I really   appreciate this interesting information.

  11. Thanks, Amanda for the Comparison. I have a question,
    When we are on keto diet our body produces ketone bodies, do these ketone bodies help to build more muscles..??

    Vikrant B.

    1. Well it doesn’t help nor hinder muscle building, ketone bodies target fat cells. So to answer your question you can still build muscle at the same rate you would normally and it wouldn’t hinder your progress either. I have heard the gossip of the keto diet depleting your muscle mass but if you’re doing keto properly this will not happen.

  12. Hello Amanda, as a woman who is still of the child bearing age, I see this article as a very good one in the sense that weight gaining is a bit more pronounced in women of the post menopausal age. This article has really helped me with under the right diet and a good and effective use of the keto product for weight control. Thanks so much for this informative article.

  13. This is a very interesting article in respects to how you explain why a large portion of women lose weight a lot slower than men. I know that article covers the links to weight loss and the Keto diet, but I’m wondering if these same conditions apply to regular weight loss?

    I’m only asking as I tend to lose a lot more weight, a lot quicker than my partner, when we run the exact same route every morning? (I’m male and she’s female, of course). 

    1. Great question Chris, personally I think that the Keto diet helps women combat the many hormonal obstacles they face.  Other diets such as the standard american diet would only work against them due to the many modified foods and hormones added to them, really the standard american diet is a SAD way to live.  

  14. A nice review from you. Actually this is the first time I’m seeing this healthy programme comparing two different sexes. 

    A keto diet is recommended because it helps us keep our body in shape as well as giving our body clean vital nutrients.

    I have personally been cutting back of my carb I take because my abs are becoming saggy. 

    Thanks for writing

     I think taking advantage of the Keto products might be a good value for money

    1. Good for you cutting back carbs!  Their are plenty of keto product out there but you don’t necessarily have to spend anymore money than you would normally to live this lifestyle.  There are many support groups and coaches that provide nutritionist’s to help you through the tough times if you so choose to go that route.

  15. I found this article really helpful and informative. I agree with you that men loses weight more than women on Keto diet due to hormonal imbalances. Women are beautiful creatures and it’s a pity they had to do extra more to catch up with men but I believe they can if eat more of the list of food you have suggested to increase iodine in them. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I will send to my social platforms. 

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article and yes women do kinda seem to carry heavy burdens but it does make us stronger in the end for it =)

  16. It’s also amazing to see that actual human studies have been  carried out to test the effectiveness of keto diets on weight loss for men. I wasn’t aware of some of the food you mentioned being high in iodine, I will take noteffect of that. But recently I noticed a little increase in my waistline, and I would like to go on a keto diet to see what result I can experience.

    1. It happens to the best of us, I do have a beginner’s article that may help you get started as there is sooo much contradictory information online.  This article simplifies it for anyone wanting to start this way of life also as I like to include in all my articles the research to back it up.

  17. Thanks for writing this article comparing the both male and female sexes,I really find this article informative and educative on aspect that need to be look out for before going on complex has female is,they are the one that always want to loss weight most because they see it as a burden that is weighing them down more than man. But all the same you have said all in the article.but in my own point of view,i think it is more easy for younger age both male and female than older age

    1. You’re welcome =)  and yes age, metabolism, and many other factors affect both Male and Female trying to conquer a weight problem.  In this article however I was trying to explain why it is a bit different for Men than Women.

  18. Wow……. You have done a great job by putting this into writing. I really always enjoy reading your article. Me and my partner heard about Keto but this article has given me an insight to start the program about Keto. Your article shown to me how men lose weight faster than women. It would be of great advantage for my husband. Thanks for the information. Best regards 

    1. Thank you I’m glad you enjoy my articles, please refer them to any of your friends or family that might benefit from them.  I do have a beginner’s guide as well for anyone wanting to start but not knowing where, the keto world can be a bit confusing with all the contradictory information floating around.  My article makes it easy and comprehensive with the research to back it up.

  19. Thank you for such an informative article. I’ve never had weight issues but I’ve definitely heard of the Keto diet. I’ve also read that women’s hormones especially estrogen play a big part. Such a shame that men seem to have an easier time of losing weight though! 🙂

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