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Keto Cholesterol is one of the many concerns when someone is either considering the keto way of life or starting out:

Does keto diet raise cholesterol? Its one of the first things my Mother said to me when I told her about this way of life and if you have other concerns I have written en article named Keto Concerns you can get to from here, just click the highlighted title.  Lets talk about Keto concerns, misconceptions and good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol.  Just like in life there is good and bad in everything we do its a good practice to try and balance these two out.

Keto Gossip


One of the first things you hear from someone clearly uneducated about the keto lifestyle, is that it causes bad cholesterol.  After doing my research, I realize this is far from the truth. Yes it affects your cholesterol but not in a bad way, you have control on what you put in your body.  Regardless of what some think the keto lifestyle is, you’re running this show so eat healthy fats and low healthy carbs and your cholesterol will thank you.

Another piece of gossip I hear a lot about the Ketogenic lifestyle is that we eat loads of bacon, deep fried everything and blocks of cheese.  I love bacon and cheese and a lot of deep fried foods but I know the difference between a healthy amount of these foods versus an unhealthy amount.  I hate the misconception of how unhealthy the Ketogenic diet is because of this stigma, I wish the people who think this way of life is the wrong way to go would either do some research or try it for them selves.  I won’t say all, but most of us living this way of life are eating healthy fats such as avocado’s, fish, eggs, nuts and olive oils.  Yes, I do eat bacon and cheese but I limit this amount, as the saying goes “you are what you eat” there is a lot of truth in that.

Get your healthy fats here

The Ketogenic diet should only be done short term“,  I’m sorry but this one is the biggest load of gossip yet, well that was until I recently heard of “keto crotch” I just had to write an article on this one and yes that is what I named it “Keto Crotch“.  I know this from experience and I hate the way I feel when I’m not living life the Keto way.  This way of life is just that, a way of life not just a diet fad and you will learn that if you choose to live this healthier lifestyle.  I have been on and off this keto wagon many times and each time I kick myself in the butt because I end up feeling so miserable when I’ve fallen.  This way of life is sustainable and healthy in that your eating real whole unprocessed foods, how can that not be sustained?  People who are concerned about getting the vitamins and minerals you need, you can get all of those in the keto friendly foods we eat.  I discuss some of these foods in my article The importance of electrolytes“.

  The facts about cholesterol and keto is that, yes it does increase the happy HDL levels, which is a good thing.  It does this to combat and improve LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol levels. Its like the good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol and as we know from history, the majority of the time good rises above the bad. The HDL levels work together and over power the LDL levels.

The good, the bad & the ugly “truth”


For years we’ve been told to lower fat because its unhealthy, because it will clog our arteries and cause a heart attack. What was never explained is that just like there are two types of fat, there are two types of cholesterol.  Again we are in the driver seat of this keto wagon and we control what we put in for fuel, just because we can eat a pound of bacon does not mean you should.

  • low density lipoproteins (LDL) or “Bad” cholesterol
  • high density lipoproteins (HDL) or “good” cholesterol

Wait a minute, there’s a “good” cholesterol?

HDL – “good” cholesterol

Yes! In fact good cholesterol aids in removing bad cholesterol, from where it should not be. HDL is a tiny droplet that is surrounded by a shell of lipoprotein. As described in the dictionary:


Lipoproteins transport molecules such as cholesterol just like a taxi would. Their destination depends on which cholesterol it is transporting.

Cholesterol is an essential fat our bodies need to function properly. The body can’t make fat on its own and it uses fat for many reasons such as:

  • Stores energy
  • insulates us
  • protects our vital organs
  • they are messengers, helping proteins get the job done
  • start chemical reactions that help control growth
  • helps immune function
  • reproduction
  • helps store vitamins like A, D, E & K
  • stabilizes cells in the body
  • helps reduce the risk of heart disease

LDL – “bad” cholesterol



This type of cholesterol builds up in the walls of your blood vessels, restricting blood flow. Potentially causing blockages. High levels of LDL raises your odds of having a heart attack or stroke.

These droplets of cholesterol differ from HDL because, instead of aiding in transport. They get stuck, they are like plaque building up in the walls of your blood vessels.


There are many factors that can lead up to heart attack and stroke like genetics, aging and menopause to name a few. Its easy to assume its only caused from one thing.

I would suggest sticking to good fats on this journey, to give those good cholesterol the fighting chance it needs to combat any bad cholesterol that may arise.

As I’ve said in many other articles I am not a Doctor, I don’t profess to know all the answers. So don’t just take my word for it, I watch a lot of Dr. Ken D. Berry M.D.s videos on YouTube. I also have purchased his book “Lies my Doctor told me“, its a great read and he addresses every thing you thought to be the truth coming from your own trusted practitioner.  I’m not saying all Doctors lie or mislead you but there are many out there that are not just treating you for your own good, they do make a profit from this.

I hope I have made understanding how Keto affects your cholesterol easy, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave one. I appreciate any feedback you may have.



20 thoughts on “Keto Cholesterol

  1. Hello Amanda. The post is very interesting and informative. I would like to make it clear: Keto diet has beneficial effects to cholesterol. Is that right?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes Alex,

      From the research I have done, I’ve concluded that it does raise your H.D.L levels(good cholesterol) and lowers your L.D.L (bad cholesterol). Raising the H.D.L levels help erraticate the L.D.L.’s. I would always recommend eating good fats though, and it’s a good idea to have your levels checked prior to any diet or lifestyle change, then again after you’ve been following it for a while. Talk to your Doctor about the two different types of cholesterol and compare the two results.

  2. Wonderful post and excellent writeup. According to recent research, to reduce your risk of heart disease, boost your HDL and lower your LDL cholesterol, try to add healthy fats such as avocado and coconut oil and monounsaturated fat such as olive oil to your diet as soon as possible. Whatever diet you ultimately choose, these are keto – approved and excellent for your heart health.

  3. Hi Amanda, I really enjoyed your article. You know I hear a lot about keto lately and honestly I don’t know much about the subject.  Very interesting points on good and bad cholesterol. And of course, I always say, you can eat a lot of things if you like something, just don’t go overboard. All my life I was told that butter is bad for you, nowadays scientists are saying the opposite. Butter apparently is GOOD for you. Thanks for great post, looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  4. This was very informative for me. Of course I’ve heard the buzz that exists about the Keto diet, from both lovers and haters. As with every other dietary buzz, I’ve dismissed it. I much prefer to see something in writing, as you’ve provided here. 

    Now that I have a little info from this article, I’m curious as to what else I may learn through your website. I’ve always lived with the rule of moderation in mind, enjoying all food groups (and an occasional treat now and again). I do enjoy reading health topics, and look forward to reading more of your content. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your honesty and I hope the rest of the article’s I’ve provided keep you as intrigued.  You’re welcome.

  5. In my work, I have found that not very many people understand what cholesterol is or how it affects our bodies. With Keto being all the rage right now, I appreciate an informative and well written post that explains the differences and how the keto diet plays a role! Thank you!

  6. This is a beautiful piece of write-up delivered straight to the point. Im getting to know that keto lifestyle is not wring as some people out address it. Knowing the keto content can be found in healthy fats such as avocado’s, fish, eggs, nuts and olive oils, bacon and cheese in limited quantities. 

    I also follow the school of thought about doing everything moderately. 

    Please my question is: can we say that keto(good cholesterol)  are exclusively organic?  

    1. Yes the Keto lifestyle gets a bad rep for people not knowing what it really entails.  Glad that you also follow “everything in moderation.”

      Doesn’t always have to be but organic is overall better for us, yes.

  7. Very informative. I am not a dieter by no means but I have heard a lot about this particular diet lately. There are some things I am not too sure on. I heard someone say that you can’t or not supposed to eat bananas. Is that true? They are a great energy booster and I enjoy them. But I am curious about some of the restrictions? Can you clarify? Thanks!

    1. If you are living the keto diet to get into ketosis and use your main fuel source as fat then no you should not eat the banana because it has a lot of sugar in it and in turn will trigger an insulin response.  A banana also contains 2 more carbs than we on a keto “diet” are supposed to consume the whole day long.  You can read about banana nutrional facts on Banana 101.

  8. Thanks for writing this article on cholesterol and keto. To say the facts many are not clearly aware that thre are good cholesterol and at the same time bad cholesterol ,that the reason many are not aware of what they are getting into and later said they don’t loss weight after practicing keto For a whole 

    1. Some people may have to adjust their macro’s a bit after being on Keto for a while, it all depends upon the person as everyone is different

  9. Hello, Amanda Blaine. This is really a knowledge added article! Over the years am also part of the great population that only think when you mention the keto diet, that it is only for weight loss. The gossip that kept diet affects cholesterol is a fallacy to me as I support the fact that the association of cholesterol and keto is that, yes it does increase the happy HDL levels, which is a good thing.  It does this to combat and improve LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol levels. Its like the good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol and as we know from history, the majority of the time good rises above the bad. The HDL levels work together and over power the LDL levels.But this post actually enlightened me that is not so, there are many benefits to the keto diet or the keto lifestyle. Familiarity really limits us. As we discussed above , I really like the fact that Keto works towards less retention in water and works as a drug free anti inflammatory, and this is why many people who decide to start a Ketogenic diet start feeling better mentally and lose that “brain fog”. This article of yours has  help me become more aware of that practical and other application if keto diet, and I am now interested in not only learning more about Keto diet but also applying it to my life personally and also informed others. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    1. Yes they do overpower and work towards lowering the bad cholesterol, so glad you agree and understand the knowledge I did put behind this article.  

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