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Many people think when you mention the keto diet, that it is only for weight loss.  This is not so, there are many benefits to the keto diet or the keto lifestyle.

  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduces acne – clearer skin
  • improves heart health
  • increased energy
  • reduces inflammation & pain
  • mental clarity
  • anti aging effects
  • reduces risk of chronic diseases like:   diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, auto immune conditions, cancer, fibromyalgia and autism.

Keto diet beginners should do their research and always talk it over with their Doctor prior to starting.  I would always suggest researching all aspects of this way of life before consulting your Doctor though so you can clearly outline why you would like to start this way of life.  I know in my experience, I was expecting my Doctor to frown upon this lifestyle but because I had plenty of knowledge to back up my “why” he was totally for it.  Although he made it clear that I should focus on healthy fats and start an exercise regiment even if its low impact to start.

Below I will be discussing just a few benefits of the keto diet and why I personally love this way of life.

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Keto & Diabetes

This topic is highly controversial, determining the benefit the keto diet will depend on what type of diabetes you have.

For those who have type 1 diabetes, they are always working to prevent a condition known as ketoacidosis. This is life threatening and to be taken very seriously, but not to be confused with nutritional Ketosis. Nutritional ketosis is when your body goes into fat burning mode by creating ketones, but not so many ketones that it sends your body into ketoacidosis.  For someone with type 1 diabetes they could benefit from the keto diet as long as their carbohydrate restriction was that of 70-90 grams per day rather than the 20 grams per day allotted for those without underlying health conditions.

Type 2 diabetes is a problem of glucose levels being too high and most type 2 diabetics also suffer from being overweight as well.  The keto diet does benefit these individuals as it maintains the glucose at a low but healthy level in the body. It also prevents high spikes in blood sugar lessening the need for insulin dependency.

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Keto and weight loss

One of the possible side effects, you might say of a ketogenic diet is weight loss.  If you are want to start this way of life for weight loss there are some things to take into consideration.  First and fore most always talk to you Doctor about this decision.

Using keto for weight loss has to do with keeping your carbohydrates low at a percentage of 5 which is about 15- 20 grams per day, your protein levels at a percentage of 20 which is about 80-120 grams per day and the fat percentage at 75 which converts to approximately 150-200 grams per day.  Keeping within these macro nutrients will optimize your chances of losing weight. I know this might sound a little overwhelming and you’re thinking how do I calculate that, well stress no more.  There are many apps and tools you can use for calculating macro nutrients (macros).

Yes that is a lot of fat intake and a lot of people panic at the thought but there is a big difference in good fats and bad fats.   You should focus on getting in the best fats as possible.  Among these fats include:  avocado’s (one of my favorites), coconut or olive oils, nuts & seeds, butter & ghee, salmon and sardines, eggs, grass fed organic beef, MCT oil or medium chain triglyceride and dark chocolate.

In one of my article “fat does not make you fat” I clearly outline the differences in good & bad fats and what they can or can not do for you.

In time you will start to feel energy like you haven’t felt before and I am very confident in saying this because I have personally experienced this.

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Keto and inflammation

Science shows that inflammation can be the causes of many diseases we suffer with today,  the Ketogenic diet drastically reduces inflammation.  Because the Ketogenic diet burns fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar) it reduces free radical production.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage the cells in your body.  

The presence of ketones has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, increases energy and recycle cells, all working towards lowering inflammation.  Lowering inflammation means less pain and discomfort.   I’m not saying the Keto diet will cure any of these diseases but lessening the symptoms is definitely a step forward.  I can attest to this as one of the first side effects, I noticed on my first week of the Keto diet was less retention in fluid.  My fingers were not tight and puffy anymore, my ankles were not swollen and I was passing more water.

Inflammation causes pain, therefore when we reduce the inflammation we are able to reduce the amount of pain we experience.  I have written an article on exactly how we can strive to live a pain free life in my article “how to ease your pain“.


Keto and mental Clarity

Depression, anxiety and poor cognitive function can be caused from neurological inflammation.  As we discussed above Keto works towards less retention in water and works as a drug free anti inflammatory.  This is why many people who decide to start a Ketogenic diet start feeling better mentally and lose that “brain fog”.  We concentrate better and are less affected by bad mood triggers.  There are many resources to back up this theory such as this book called “Keto Clarity” by Jimmy Moore, this book features the advice of Dr.  Eric Westman  M.D.


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In the end…

In the end and after all my personal research and experience I rate the ketogenic way of life a 10.  I have yet to experience any ill adverse affects, besides the adaptation process in which your body is switching from using glucose/sugar to using fat for fuel.  If you are curious about what side affects I am referring to, I’ve included an article called “Keto Concerns“.    Before embarking of course I did consult my Doctor and he supported this way of life and commended me for making this decision.  I find this way of life very sustainable as your not taking all enjoyable foods away, I mean a diet or way of life that bacon is allowed on.  Who doesn’t love bacon?  A nice thick steak?  Eggs in so many varieties and cheese, let me say though….everything in moderation.

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108 thoughts on “Benefits Of The Keto Diet

  1. This a a fabulous and informative article, Amanda! I am impressed with your personal experience and insight.
    Will have to take a closer look at what keto can do for me. Awesome!!!

  2. Hi Amanda! I’ve recently discovered the Ketogenic diet and its benefits to human health. I’m seriously thinking of adopting the Keto way of eating. I’m concerned about something, though: My problem is that I am quite underweight. I’m 1,76 m tall and weigh 51 kgs. Will this diet help me gain any weight or is there a risk I lose more? Thank you

    1. Hey there,

      I think as long as you keep your healthy fat intake up you will be fine in not losing any, if you do find that you are losing some up your healthy carb macro…this way of life isn’t just for people who want to lose weight. Something I keep trying to explain to my Mother who is also underweight, but she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept. Let me know how you make out and I don’t mind helping you through it anytime.

  3. Thanks for this article on benefits of keto diet. I see this article as a means of enlightenment to me because am part of those that only think the main benefit of keto diet is for weight loss and over look the other benefits it may have.

    and I really like the fact that you are writing from experience with your doctor.i hav seen where a doctor try to talk you out of what you want to do simply because he discover in your conversation with him that you don’t really know what you are getting into. So it is important to know all that is need to know before trying keto I said before this article really widen my knowledge about keto diet

  4. Thanks for the information here … My wife suffers from Fibro and CFS both of which would benefit from this type of diet. My wife is also a vegetarian could this diet still be a good fit ? Looking towards the benefits of the Keto diet, it would be good to get your opinion on this. so maybe we could move towards a change. 

    1. Yes I believe she would benefit from this way of life, depending upon if she would be open to eating meats again.

  5. Unlike others who have commented in here, I am not yet diagnosed with any type of Diabetes, but I feel something really wrong in me whenever I consume high amounts of sugar like I feel numbness in my feet. With this, I suspect I am only a few steps away from suffering with Type 2 Diabetes as my family has a history of this illness. This article of yours has helped me become aware of that possibility, and I am now interested in not only learning more about Keto diet but also applying it to my life. But I eat a lot of vegetables already and less meat, so I’d like know if I become a pure vegetarian now, will I automatically become a Keto diet consumer?

    1. That’s a scary thought you should read my article on sugar called “Poison By Sugar” its more lethal than we want to admit.  Also if you are really interested in this lifestyle I suggest you read my article “Keto for beginners“.  I would definitely stop eating the sugar and be sure to read not only nutritional charts but ingredient lists.

  6. Thanks for an interesting post, I had never equated dieting with so many benefits other than weight loss.

    I was particularly interested in how dieting affects (or can affect) diabetes and I was pleased to see you made a distinction between type 1 and type 2. Type one is a serious, normally lifetime (as far as I know) condition. A friend of mine eventually died as a result, unfortunately.

    I also thought the section on Keto and mental clarity to be interesting. The anti-inflammatory aspect caught my attention as I suffer badly from gout, and I’m wondering if Keto might help? Thanks again for a thought-provoking article.

    1. Hey Les,

      I am positive this way of life would help with your gout, I have had bouts of gout in the past and since living this keto way of life I have had no trouble at all with it.  

      Thank you for your interest in my article, I have many other informative articles if you wanted to take a look around.

  7. I can say, I’m not a fan of diets at all because I haven’t had much luck on it, however, this one calls my attention a lot! Since lower my blood pressure, clear my skin and increase my energty are part of my daily basis priorities. Most diets I’ve tried comes with headaches and other nasty side-effects… Keto diet seems more like a life-style diet instead of a 1 time thing to lose weight.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Maria,

      I personally hate calling this a “diet” but I do refer to it that way in some articles because that is what people recognize Keto to be.  I call it a way of life or lifestyle as it has been for me working on two years now.  This way of life is very sustainable and can be a life long commitment, feel free to look around my site as I have many resources and articles.

  8. Awesome Amanda, I read your another article called keto basics for beginners, there I came to know about Keto diet for the first time. And, this post enhanced my knowledge even further. It’s fine that Keto diet is useful on weight loss, but what do you say if someone like me have to gain some weight, would it be useful in gaining weight, as well? 

    It’s nice to notice it’s benefits for diabetic diseases, I’ve 2 diabetic patient in my own family. Now I’ll recommend this diet to them, I hope they will try, as they are foodies🙂

    thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. Much appreciated👍

    1. Hey,

      You’re the second person to ask this question and I am working on an article just for that subject but for now as long as you keep your fats up and take more healthy carbs you should not lose anymore weight.  Please feel free to look around my website as I have many articles.

  9. What’s a keto diet and how can we live a ketogenic lifestyle?

    From your article, I can say I caught an idea of what it might mean but I still need more clarity. 

    Notwithstanding, reading your article has made me rather interested in knowing more about the keto diet. Most especially, for the fact that it has such impressive benefits. 

    What I found most interesting is that it burns fat for fuel, instead of sugar., and reduces free radicals production. That is beautiful because free radicals are literally health stinkers.

  10. I just heard about Keto Diet and all I was told about was weight loss and it’s anti-diabetic abilities. But here, reading this, I’m wowed. 

    Keto diet is really one of the best medicines out there without much adverse effects. However, I heard its side effects are really disturbing. Please what are the side effects?

    1. Hey Sammy, 

      A lot of the “side affects” you hear about is misguided information I have written an article on this called “keto Concerns“.  Please check that, I think you will be surprised.

  11. Before I came across your article on the benefits to the Keto Diet, I had actually seen a whole lot of recipes for the Keto Diet and was quite impressed!What I like about your presentation is you make sure the reader understands the consequences of embarking on a Keto Diet Journey and to consult their doctor before making that first step.Your personal first hand experience of reading how this worked for you and how you felt the difference is a convincing enough fact for me.  It sounds like something my relatives should be trying since most of the issues you mention, they have.  Perhaps I’ll send them the link to read it for themselves!

  12. in the past, I used to think that keto diet is basically for the purpose of weight loss and for individuals who are suffering obesity but little did I know that keto diet comes with so many health benefits. I think it is high time I embark on keto diet. It’s benefit of stabilizing blood sugar levels is one I think will also be good for my father as well. 

  13. This article is informative. The first time I heard about this word- ketone, was during my secondary school days, in organicchemistry and biology. It was an interesting topic. In addition to what is there, I have learnt that the ketone can satisfy our body’s energy requirements just as the glucose can do. But ketone has no impact on insulin level that we know as blood sugar unlike glucose. The fat intake is burn into fuel in the case where ketone diet. But in glucose diet, fat intake is burn into glucose which help in initiating inflammation.People with diabetes need to be very careful and take to the doctor’s advise.

    My question might be funny but I need to ask. Can someone without diabetes take this ketone diet in order to burn fat?

    1. Anyone can life this lifestyle.  You have a very good understanding of Ketones, good for you.  =)  I believe this way of life would benefit many people and not just the one’s trying to lose an extra pound or two.  

  14. A keto diet is recommended because it helps us keep our body in shape as well as giving our body clean vital nutrients.

    I have personally been cutting back of my carb I take because my abs are becoming saggy. Really want to get in shape for the summer sunshine at the beach.

    Thanks for writing

  15. Your article is a perfect summary of keto, I prefer vegan over keto because when I was on keto my body was tired all of the time. I may be willing to try a vegan version of keto in the future though. It’s a decent diet for beginners that are trying to stabilize their blood sugar so that they can eat more fruits/veggies.

    1. Thank you Jon,  did you allow yourself to adapt to the keto lifestyle first?  It takes our bodies a bit of time to adjust to the new way of life, about two weeks.  Not to push this lifestyle, its whatever works for you =)  Thank you for the comment.

  16. Wow! I used to pride myself that I know everything about keto, because most of my friends engage in keto because they want to burn fat, this made me form the notion that keto is strictly for weight loss. Reading through your article, humbled that erroneous belief of mine.

    The benefits you listed are great, who could have thought that keto can help in reducing chronic diseases like diabetes etc.
    Thanks for vividly pointing out different ways through which keto can help a type 1 and type diabetes.

    1. You’re most welcome Gracen,   A lot of people think Keto is just for weight loss, it really isn’t.  I believe its just an optimal way to live, even if you’re underweight you can still live a Keto lifestyle.  Just adjust your intake of healthy carbs and add in some resistance training and you’re golden.  I am working on a new article as I have had this question many times.

      Thank you for your comment.

  17. Honestly, I thought keto is only for weight loss and this article came to me as a surprise. I never knew it can be used for reduction of chronic diseases like:  diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, auto immune conditions etc. I’m heading straight to your keto concerns to know about any possible effect it might have during my usage. Great work putting this up. 

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and just keep in mind the side affects you maybe concerned about are only temporary until your body adapts.  It’s not nearly as worrisome as some might think…

  18. Hello, Amanda Blaine. This is really a knowledge added article! Over the years am also part of the great population that only think when you mention the keto diet, that it is only for weight loss. But this post actually enlightened me that is not so, there are many benefits to the keto diet or the keto lifestyle. Familiarity really limits us. As we discussed above , I really like the fact that Keto works towards less retention in water and works as a drug free anti inflammatory, and this is why many people who decide to start a Ketogenic diet start feeling better mentally and lose that “brain fog”. This article of yours has help me become more aware of that practical and other application if keto diet, and I am now interested in not only learning more about Keto diet but also applying it to my life personally and also informed others. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    1. Hey there,

      I am so glad to have enlightened you, I was the same when I first started thinking it was all about weight loss.  After I started living this way and got through the initial adaptation phase I was very impressed by how I felt over all.

      I hope many more people learn the proper way to live the Ketogenic lifestyle.

  19. Thanks for this article on keto diet, i thought fat will make someone fat,  but i have learnt it doesn’t.  But i have a question for you please. Can fat result into diabetes?. And if fat has diabetes please assist me on how to manage diabetes to assist my aunt on the same.  And in any circumstances do you know natural ways of curing diabetes 

    which foods contain fats apart from avocado 

    1. Fat derives from too much sugar in the body, this causes an insulin response and then you’re body stores fat.  You’re Aunt should talk to her Doctor about this way of life and see if its an option for her, there are many ways to get healthy fats in such as olive oil, salmon, eggs, nuts and seeds, full fat unprocessed cheese…Many people think that the Keto lifestyle comprised of just eating fats of any sort…this is not healthy and the carbs you do take in should also be healthy, for an example from leafy greens and vegetables.

  20. Thanks for making me understand the benefits of keto diet, initially I have put in more work on exercise for weight loss and even started eating low carbs and still yet to see results but I’m convinced with your post that keto diet will works by depleting the body of its store of sugar, so it will start to break down protein and fat for energy, causing ketosis and weight loss, Good job. 

    1. Thank you Sean,  you do need to deplete the body of its “hard wired” state of trying to utilize sugar before you can enter ketosis.  When I knew I was ready for this way of life I invested in a blood ketone monitor which is very accurate in letting you know when you’re in ketosis and burning fat for fuel instead of sugar.

  21. Glad to find this amazing post. 

    Actually, I’ve never heard before about Keto diet, so this is something completely new to me!

    I think the benefits of the Keto diet make this diet very special. For me always the biggest problem, while being on diets, is tiredness and some kind of depression. As you said in your post it might be caused by inflammation. 

    This diet is definitely worth trying. How long does it take your body to adapt to using fat for fuel instead of glucose?

    Thank you for this great post 

    1. Hey there and thank you for taking the time to read this article.  Its about two weeks and in my article ==>Keto Concerns I go over in depth what you might experience.  This is not to say you will, I only had a few side affects and it wasn’t anything to panic over.

  22. Why should keto diet begineer make research and always talk it over with their doctors prior to starting and why will a doctor frown upon a diet lifestyle that helps lower diabetes,weight loss,inflammation and helps mental clarity?

    Actually,in real fact ,Keto diet is not just for weight loss as stands the belief of many people,it also helps to prevent prevent a condition known as ketoacidosis for those with type 1 diabetes and glucose at a low but healthy level in the body of those with diabeties type 2.It also prevents high spikes in blood sugar lessening the need for insulin dependency.
    ketogenic diet is for weight loss.  

    the Ketogenic diet also drastically reduces inflammation, which burns fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar),a resultant effect of which it reduces free radical production.These can damage the cells in your body.  
    My question is,what’s the side effect of Using keto for weight loss which keeps your carbohydrates low at a percentage of 5 which is about 15- 20 grams per day, your protein levels at a percentage of 20 which is about 80-120 grams per day and the fat percentage at 75 which converts to approximately 150-200 grams per day?

    1. I always advise speaking with your Doctor first because some people are under the impression they can just eat fat of any sort and this is not healthy, I like people to get a check before they start a proper keto lifestyle so down the road they can compare the results and see it is actually an optimal way for our bodies to adapt to.

      Not to point a finger at all Doctors because they are not all this way but if we are able to find a natural cure or natural way to combat these problems then Doctors will lose those visits and less prescribed medicines, which they do profit from.

      I have written an article all about possible side affects==> Keto Concerns, and this is just your body adapting to the new fuel source.  It is also important after you are adapted to pay attention to your electrolytes, I have also provided this article ==>The importance of Electrolytes

      I hope this answers your question and thank you for your comment.

  23. I love how you explained benefits of Keto diet that it’s not just for weight lose. Since most of us think of it as way to lose weight not looking at other benefits like you mentioned on your page.  Your recommendations to consult doctor before starting diet is great since Keto date is not for everyone. I now few people that tried Keto diet….and were eating a lot of not so healthy fats…justifying it its ok on this diet I can eat high fat….As you mentioned I think it is importance of focusing on healthy fats. Great information and explanations. 

    1. You are so right Vesna, if people get the misconception that it’s OK to put unhealthy fats in their body all the time they will get sick and not benefit from this lifestyle at all.

      Thank you for your comment.

  24. wow, so much information overhear.

    I have heard so much about keto but I always thought it was only for weight loss.

    it is awesome seeing other added benefits of the keto diet.

    I have had so many health issues some even resulting from the medicines I took to cure past health issues, so I turn to focus on diet and mindset as the main source of my present good health. 

    I love articles like this which help me develop a truly helpful diet.

    thanks for this.

  25. I  only know of the fact that keto diet is good for weight loss. I never knew it has other benefits like lowering the blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar and many more listed in this article.My question is that someone with diabetics can he or she substitute keto diet to drugs?. I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks for sharing this educative information.

    1. This is something that has to be done with the help of a professional, type 2 diabetes can absolutely be helped with the Keto diet but always with the supervision of a Doctor.

  26. What a wonderful review of the benefits of the Keto diet! Your time and effort in putting this together to share with us is appreciated. Keto seems to have other health benefits than just for losing weight. I am intrigued getting to know in your article that it works for diabetes. I have a brother in-law that is suffering from diabetes, I will surely recommend Keto diet to him. Thanks alot, you are really been helpful. 

  27. I must admit, I was one of the people who thought a ketogenic diet is for weight loss. I never knew there were more benefits to a ketogenic diet, hence I didn’t apply myself to learn about ketogenic dieting as much as u could. Seeing that ketosis can help me prevent or maintain my blood sugar level, I think it’s a good one. However, is there not a possibility that someone on a keto diet can experience low blood sugar since, carbs have been cut out of the diet?

    Expecting to read your feedback soon,


  28. Hi Amanda,

    Awesome article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    You may laugh at me, but it’s the first time I read about the Keto diet. It’s very interesting! Thank God, everybody in our family is very healthy, but we eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. Lots avocado and nuts too:)

    My daughter wants to lose weight and as I understood the Keto diet is not only good for the health but it also helps losing weight. Can you please redirect me to page where I can buy a book about the Keto diet? Is this diet easy to follow? 

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  29. Thank you for sharing this great information about Keto diet and it’s benefits.

    I have been hearing a lot about keto diet and after I readyour article and learning about the many benefits of this diet, it is something that I am very interested to know more, and especially love the inflammatory benefits of this Keto diet. I will definitely consult with my doctor and hopefully, she gave me the green light.

    I also looking to get the clarity Keto book, and hopefully to get some value from it.

    Thank you 

  30. I love the informations this article contains. A friend of mine argued with me about two days ago on the side effects and benefits of keto diet. He never believed that keto keto that has some other health benefits apart from weight loss. Having read your article, I am going to make him understand all the benefits of keto diets. I even want to go on keto diet soon and would consult my doctor before going into it. I need to reduce the level of blood sugar.

  31. I am quite impressed and genuinely surprised to know that Keto dieting has other benefits apart from weight loss. I have always thought that keto was strictly for weight loss because it was mostly sold as a weight loss lifestyle. I like the mental clarity benefit and for that alone,I would gladly live a keto lifestyle. Thanks for sharing the findings from your reaearch, it has helped some of us to know better and more.

  32. This is an interesting and informative article about Keto dieting. My believes before is that Keto dieting is mainly for weight-loss program. But your article has review what Keto also does apart from Keto dieting. Your experience so far made you to write other benefits of Keto dieting .if I may ask, Can a pregnant woman engage in Keto dieting? Thanks for the review. 

  33. Nice article, I have heard of Keto diet before and all what I know about was to loose weight. But here in this article you do not only talk about weight loosing, but also the part of how to do and some steps to consider. And also the foods to eat. I think this your article is great and I must recomend it to mostly pregnant women.

  34.  I had never equated dieting with so so many benefits other than weight loss.

    I have also thought the section on Keto and mental clarity to be interesting and loving. The anti-inflammatory aspect caught my attention as I suffer badly from gout and I’m wondering if Keto might help with this. Thanks again for a thought-provoking and excellent article.

    1. Hey Tracy,

      In the past and before Keto I have had two bad spells of gout and it is horrible, since adapting to the keto lifestyle I have not had any more trouble in this area.  

  35. The Keto Diet seems to be a diet that I have been hearing a lot about these days, as I have several friends that are always talking about their conversion to this type of diet and the many benefits it can offer. I decided to do some deeper research and came across your website, which is perfect, as it has a ton of advice and information about everything the Keto Diet entails. 

    There are definite benefits from your article, and I can see why my friends are fans of the diet and lifestyle. I love the idea of not having to constrict the fats (the good ones) and the lowering of carbs also fits in with my overall goal too. I would like to lose a little spare tire fat, and it may help with that too.

    Although I have heard a lot of positive and some cautions from people, I am going to take the plunge and give this diet a try. I will be coming back to learn more, as I am sure I will have many questions for you, and you do know what you are talking about! Thanks for your efforts putting this together! 

  36. it’s interesting how the keto craze has gained a large following in the past few years. We have some friends who tried it and according to them it’s retty effective as well. I guess it all boils down to how dedicated one can get when devoting proper time for health and dieting.

  37. Hey! Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on keto diet, I really appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. This article is very informative on keto diet. You have enlighten me more on keto. I would love to revisit for more articles like this. You have done a great job. Thanks

  38. I would really like to say first and foremost that as humans we do whatever helps us to improve our health or makes us healthy. From this article, I have found several reasons why I should jump in on the keto diet without delay and one of the many reasons is because it reduces acne, gives clearer skin amongst many other things.

  39. Nice article there on benefits of the keto diet. I must commend you for sharing your experience at the beginning of this article,i see it as encouragement and reason to start a keto life style. I have heard about keto diet in the past that I consider a miss information after reading this article. I will like to ask.within what age range is it advisable to start keto lifestyle?also can a person over 60 years start keto lifestyle 

  40. I’ve been reading more and more about the keto diet. It does seem interesting… I thought this part was particularly interesting: “Science shows that inflammation can be the causes of many diseases we suffer with today,  the Ketogenic diet drastically reduces inflammation.” 

    It does seem like inflammation is a big problem that people are suffering from. I know I feel it in my body too sometimes. 

    I have a question though. I like to run. This doesn’t seem like the best diet for people who like to do cardio? Or am I mistaken? I thought we really needed a decent amount of carbs to fuel those workouts?

    1. Keto is fine for people who want to do cardio, you actually will get more energy after you enter ketosis.  You don’t need carbs for fuel, fat works just as well if not better.  Check out my article on the truth about fats, might answer your question a little more thoroughly.

  41. I must say that your articles are always top notch and your site is one of the best in updating quality articles. I read through your review on Keto diet, it’s amazing to know that it works also for diabetes and not just about losing weight. This is really intriguing and really cool to know. I can safely recommend Keto diet to my uncle who have diabetes. Thanks for this insightful article. Great job!

  42. I have long suspected that carbs, especially processed ones, aren’t good for the body and it’s even more so after my mom was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, I am determined to eat healthier and keto diet is certainly one of them. Although it’s challenging to make the switch immediately, I have been incorporating keto ingredients into my meal whenever I can such as avocado salad, coconut oil into my oatmeal, and eggs and sardine sandwich for lunch. 

    I am not too obsessed with the weight loss thing, but if it can restore some of my mental alertness, that would be great because that’s what I seem to be lacking nowadays.  

  43. Wow, what a wealth of information. I have a co-worker who is on the Keto diet and although she is not crazy about all of the bad stuff she had to give up, she sings praises to the benefits of the diet. My eating habits are terrible and my health reflects this. I have been procrastinating on learning to eat healthy for years. I believe that your website will give me the encouragement, guidance and instruction I need to finally put the work in and get ‘er done.

  44. I’m not quite a supporter of a diet, but I think Keto is not a diet. It’s a way of life, something quite different from what I do now.I read your article Keto for beginners and realized that carbohydrates should almost be eliminated. Missing the data what is in reality15-20 grams of carbohydrates. Is it even necessary to consume it in so small quantities?

    I probably will not try this lifestyle but it is good to know that something like this exists.

    1. I would suggest eating your carbs in healthy manner such as vegetables and you can eat them in any ratio throughout the day.  I would also like to add in that if all your carbs are coming from veggies you can safely have more than 20 per day and still be successful.

  45. I’ve done a lot of study on HGH (human growth hormone) levels in the body, and the best way to increase them is naturally.  I learned that the keto diet increases the body’s natural HGH levels, and boy are there benefits to that!  Looking and feeling younger – it’s like the fountain of youth!  It has intrigued me, and I have seriously thought about trying this diet.  I love avocados, I love coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, salmon, tuna and sardines.  I do love me some carbs, though, unfortunately, so that would be my most difficult challenge.

  46. Hi Amanda

    Great informative article – my sister in law has tried many diets in order to lose weight and the only one she has found that works is the keto diet. 

    I wasn’t aware of the many health benefits associated with this diet and the one that struck me was mental clarity. Since being pregnant and given birth which was 5 years a go, I seem to have constant brain fog and lack concentration. My diet is quite healthy in general but I’ve been thinking of the keto diet recently as it has also helped with sister in law’s mental clarity. She has been on the diet for about 4 months now. Could I ask how long you’ve been on this diet and how long before you noticed any difference?

    I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference. Thanks for the read


    1. I have been doing Keto on and off for almost three years now and the benefits alone keep me focused, I have to say that it was about a month in I noticed my concentration levels improved.  Keep in mind that if you lived a high carb diet for years or even stuck to the standard american diet it will take some time for your body to adapt and detox from what we’ve been feeding it for years.  Once you start this way of life, your body will actually heal itself from the inside out.  

  47. I found your information on the benefits of the Keto diet to be very helpful.  I had heard a lot about the Keto Diet but really had no clue as to what it was about.  You may have answered the question somewhere on your site, but I’ll ask it anyway: What are the health risks of a Keto Diet and are there any particular health issues that wound prevent someone from going on the diet?  Thanks again for a wealth of information.

  48. Thanks for this article on benefits of keto diet.I really like the fact that you are writing from experience. You mention the keto diet , that is not only for weight loss but also there are many benefits to the keto lifestyle. It stabilized blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduces acne, increase energy, reduce pain  and improves heart health.So it is important to know all before trying keto diet. 

  49. Hello Amanda,

     Your posts are very informative. You’re really helping people experiencing drastic weight loss.

    Thank you for sharing….Keto…Keto…I wished I gave it a try too.

    I haven’t heard of keto diet before. I live nearby people, including my relative who can benefit from this health-tips rich site. 

    Something was very interest about sugar….and fat…Especially fat, I thought that anyone one needing to add some pounce should only eat fat…But I learned about HEALTHY fat…I didn’t know about fats that are healthy.

    Thank you for sparing time to share these important despite your being busy taking care of the “Three Beauties”

    Thank again

  50. Keto and weight loss is one of the most searched and talked about how to lose weight online. It is really good to see that you have covered this very well here and in details as well. The idea of visiting a doctor before embarking on Keto dieting is a very good suggestion.

    This post should a bus stop for anyone looking into Keto Compulsion. The benefits of the Keto diet is worth more just as you mentioned. The results make a difference.

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